Zest Station: Minimum IOS 11 iPad. We recommend the latest IOS version

  • If you are using a desktop for your Zest Station set-up, you must use an 8MP minimum, USB document camera

Zest Web: An IOS or Android-based smartphone with a decent quality camera.

Rover front desk: Desktop or Minimum IOS 11 iPad. We recommend the latest version.

  • If you are using a desktop, you must use an 8MP minimum, USB document camera.

For desktop ID scanning, we recommend an 8MP minimum, USB document camera. The application has been optimized using the cameras listed below. 

  • IPEVO V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera- Amazon Link
  • IPEVO 5-883-4-01-00 VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode 8MP Document Camera- Amazon Link 

Zest Station: On an iPad, ID must be scanned and captured from the rear camera. System will prompt guest to position their ID at the rear of the device, where the camera is positioned. For best experience, we recommend using hardware from Aila Tech. 

Zest Web: On an Android or IOS, user must hold ID in a steady, upright position or place ID on a flat surface and take picture using the rear camera (similar to a mobile band deposit). 

Zest Station: On an iPad, the front camera must be used to capture facial recognition.

Zest Web: On an Android or IOS smartphone, the front camera must be used to capture facial scan for recognition. 

If you would like to use ID scanning via an iPad for your Zest Station, your station must be freestanding so that guests can place their ID in front of the rear camera

When combined with our optional kiosk by Aila Tech, the iPad’s rear camera is redirected to an ID tray conveniently located below the case. The ID tray automatically lights up whenever a scan is performed, meaning y9our scans will always be properly lit, regardless of the ambient light conditions. The Aila Tech kiosk is available in both freestanding and wall-mounted versions. 

ID image is stored in the same AWS location as the instance of the Rover PMS, until 30 days after check-out. The ID image and extracted information is encrypted and only accessible from the application by a use who is logged in and has administrative privileges. 

The information can be accessed in the stay card and the guest card. 

Guest first and last name, ID number, date of birth, license expiration date, and the country of issuance are all inserted into guest and stay cards. All other information available from the ID is extracted, but not made available to application users. 

Once configured, you can manage activation of both ID scanning and facial recognition within Rover by navigating to

admin—>hotel and staff—>ID Collection 

Because names and addresses on identification documents are frequently not up-to-date or may differ for other reasons, the information captured from ID scanning is not used to modify any data in Rover PMS. 

The complete ID information can be unencrypted and stored on a customer cloud drive for further processing/arching. Only users with administrative privileges may configure this unencrypted archival transfer. 

If ID scanning and facial verification are active, Zest Station can be configured to retrieve a reservation record using the scanned ID information. 

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