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Stayntouch Booking

Deliver a frictionless booking experience and capture
more revenue with our seamless hotel booking engine

Accelerate Direct Bookings with Our Hotel Booking Engine

Stayntouch Booking is an intuitive, customizable booking engine fully integrated with Stayntouch PMS, ensuring a seamless booking experience for your guests and driving more direct bookings to your hotel or portfolio.

Stayntouch Booking

Drive direct bookings faster using our seamless, user-friendly booking engine, optimized for mobile. Stayntouch Booking is fully integrated with our flagship PMS, eliminating the need for developer hiring or costly third-party platforms.

  • Amplify your revenues with non-commissionable direct bookings.
  • Synchronized availability, restrictions, and inventory.
  • Easily manage group bookings, promo codes, and upgrades/add-ons.

Frictionless Bookings, Maximized Revenue!

Maximize Direct Booking Conversions

Utilize a simple, easy-to-customize booking widget for seamless direct bookings on any webpage.

Real-time Reservation Updates

Guests can create, edit, cancel reservations, or purchase upgrades, all with automatic updates in the PMS.

Simplified Group Reservations

Book groups efficiently with automated inventory updates and an intuitive booking calendar in your PMS.

Fully Optimized for Mobile & All Devices

Ensure an optimal booking experience across all devices with automatic page adjustments.

Enhanced Revenue with Upsells

Easily display attractive add-on packages during the booking process for a seamless and enticing experience.

Easy Configuration & Deployment

Direct integration with our mobile PMS eliminates the need for third-party apps, ensuring a smooth deployment.

A Tailored Booking Experience, Unique to Your Brand and Optimized for Guests

Customize Your Booking Engine

Our plug-and-play booking widget seamlessly integrates with Stayntouch PMS and fits any webpage. Customize colors, logos, and fonts to match your brand. It's mobile-optimized for a smooth booking experience across all devices—desktop, tablet, or mobile.

  • Seamlessly integrates with Stayntouch PMS and any webpage.
  • Customizable colors, logos, and fonts to match your brand.
  • Mobile-optimized for a smooth experience on all devices.

Make it Easy to Book Direct

Prevent lost bookings to abandoned carts and OTAs with our seamless booking engine. Simplify the guest booking experience and benefit from more revenue with commission-free bookings. Boost profits with add-on packages and provide guests with the confidence and incentives to book directly every time.

  • Booking link and calendar widget that can be inserted into any webpage.
  • Automatic screen adjustment for mobile and tablet support.
  • Confirmation, Modification, and Cancellation Emails Sent Through the Booking Engine.

Drive More Group Bookings

Create group block reservations with automatic inventory updates in the PMS, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Benefit from 2-way integration for group information, multiple room reservations, promo rates, and add-on support, ensuring seamless and valuable management of dates, rates, room types, and group codes.

  • 2-way integration for group details: dates, rates, room types, and codes.
  • Create multiple room reservations.
  • Promo rates and rate-inclusive add-on support.

Optimized for All Devices

Accelerate direct bookings with a seamless, user-friendly booking engine optimized for mobile devices. It automatically fits all screens, from desktop to mobile, and includes custom booking URLs, calendar widgets, and preferred language selections, enhancing user experience and conversion rates.

  • Fully optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile screens.
  • Insert a custom booking URL into any webpage.
  • Custom calendar widgets and preferred language selections.

Seamless, two-way Integration

Stayntouch Booking seamlessly integrates with Stayntouch PMS. Whether you're creating, editing, or canceling reservations, updating profiles, or purchasing add-ons, all changes are instantly reflected in your PMS. This ensures seamless connectivity and real-time data synchronization, enhancing the guest booking and in-stay experience.

  • 2-way integration of guest data, credit card information, and rate inclusive add-ons.
  • Auto-apply room and rate availability and restrictions, deposit information.
  • Auto-sync room features and images from the PMS to the booking engine.
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