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Takeaways from the 2018 Guest Experience Assessment Report

The relationship between hospitality and technology is ever-evolving as the demands of the modern guest continue to redefine the industry landscape. With the on-going need for guest personalization and value-driven service, the most successful hotels will be those who allocate more of their budgets for technology that actually aligns with delivering a better guest experience for all types of travelers. This may empower a self-service model for some guests, and high-touch, personalized service for others.

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Why are 55.2% of hotels not satisfied with their current PMS provider?

How PMS Vendors & Hoteliers Can Work Together

When it comes to hotel technology, are hotels and their system providers on the same page? The answer to the question can be found in the 2018 Hospitality Technology Study (available for download here) conducted by the leading hospitality technology brands Fuel Travel,, and StayNTouch. Over 358 respondents, responsible for buying or selling hospitality technology were asked to identify common priorities along with potential divides among hoteliers and suppliers.  

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[CHECKLIST] How Future-Proof is Your Hotel PMS?

In a service-oriented industry like hospitality, it is critical to keep up with technology advancements. So how, exactly, does one go about future-proofing investments in hotel technology when there’s no certainty what the future holds? Luckily, we’ve compiled a 10-point checklist to help you determine the answers to that question.

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3 Ways a Mobile PMS Can Future-Proof Your Property

In this webinar learn how a Mobile PMS allows hoteliers the flexibility to efficiently run services and operations of their hotel remotely, the freedom to move around the hotel servicing guests directly resulting in more face-time and enhancing their overall guest experience, to access data easily using any device at any time, anywhere, allowing staff to respond more quickly and efficiently to serve guests.
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If you are trying to understand how your hotel can use new technologies to get ahead, then you need the right resources to spell out how these new platforms, devices, and software packages work together, and why each is necessary for you to create a great overall experience for your guests. That means having a combination of articles, podcasts, and other reports that help you see how each new innovation helps to make hospitality management easier, less expensive, and more efficient.

Understanding Security

At StayNTouch, we understand that one of the main concerns you have when adopting new technologies is your security. This is especially important in an industry whose entire focus is on providing guests with a safe, comfortable place to stay while they are away from home. From your building security to your payment information and accounts, you need to know that your new technological tools will not expose you to liability, and some of the resources here are built to help you understand how different tools deal with those security questions.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

There’s more to new hospitality management tools than just security and the guest experience. Cloud-based apps that are accessible from standard mobile devices also provide you with a variety of benefits that directly affect your behind-the-scenes management of your business, including:

  • Infrastructure savings that stem from “software as a service” agreements that decrease up-front costs while taking care of upgrades as they roll out
  • Increased efficiency in both processing and record-keeping, making your bookings easier to confirm, track, and modify
  • Lowered operating costs as a side-effect of increased efficiency, lower labor, and more staff flexibility

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Once you have learned everything you need to know about how technology is changing hospitality management, you can also learn more about our PMS systems by contacting us for more information or by checking out the information on our product pages.

Hospitality Resources and Hotel Management Information

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Our goal at StayNTouch is to give you the tools to run your hotel efficiently and profitably. While we provide an entire slate of products that are geared toward quick and cost-effective solutions to property management issues, we know that running a hotel goes beyond the systems that aid check-in or handle housekeeping schedules.

With that in mind, we keep an entire library of hospitality resources and other hotel management information, so you can be abreast of the latest trends and innovations in property management.

Hospitality Resources & Articles

Whether you are looking for a case study on the implementation of a new product or an explainer full of helpful tips on how to improve your occupancy rates, chances are we have something for you in our hospitality resources archive. Learn what you should know about hospitality software providers or the quickest way to improve your online ratings with just a few clicks around our collection of articles.

Hotel Management Information

We built StayNTouch because we know hotels and understand the unique pain points antiquated property management systems force hoteliers to experience. Our mobile-enabled property management system is meant to allow forward-thinking managers to operate their properties quickly and effectively, with an eye toward the future.

We know better than most that the hotel industry is ever evolving. A hotelier who isn’t constantly looking for what’s coming is already moving toward irrelevance. That’s why we collect hotel management information to keep current and prospective customers up-to-date on all the hotel management information they need to know to continue to operate in the hotel space.

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