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Stayntouch Hotel Kiosk

Elevate the guest welcome and departure experience while streamlining check-in with a PMS-integrated guest kiosk solution.

Wow Guests with a Seamless Welcome in Under 30 Seconds!

Transform the guest experience with Stayntouch Kiosk – an intuitive, customizable check-in and check-out solution. Fully integrated with our cloud PMS, it offers fast, personalized self-check-in for guests, while simultaneously boosting ancillary revenue and reducing front desk workload.

Streamline the Guest Check-In

Revitalize Your Lobby Experience

Drive Upsells & Increase Revenue

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Lightning-Fast Guest Check-in Experience

Empower guests with swift self-check-in via our Kiosk, integrating a credit card reader and key encoder for under-a-minute check-ins. Enable staffless check-ins with digital key and payment, and add security layers like ID scanning and facial recognition.

  • Check-In, automatic and timed room assignment.
  • Room Key Pick Up, tip and minibar posting.
  • Id Scanning/Facial Recognition.
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Customized to Your Brand & Lobby Design

Stayntouch Kiosk runs on a tablet and can be fully customized to your brand image, so it can seamlessly integrate with any lobby design. Place it anywhere in your lobby 一 in a central island, mounted on a wall, or discretely resting on a coffee table 一 and make walk-in reservations a breeze.

  • Runs on a sleek tablet that can blend into any decor.
  • Guest-facing UI that is fully customizable to your brand.
  • Easy facilitation of walk-in reservations.
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Accelerate Revenue, Gain Real ROI

Provide an additional level of guest personalization while earning more than 250% ROI in ancillary revenue. Our guest-facing Kiosk delivers automated & targeted offers for room upgrades, amenities, and monetizes early check-in/late check-out.

  • Send targeted, automated offers for room upgrades and amenities.
  • Offer monetized early check-in and late check-out.
  • Custom add-on configuration with images.
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Integrate and Configure with Ease

Stayntouch Kiosk fully integrates with Stayntouch PMS, digital payment gateways, digital keys, and ID scanning/facial recognition technologies, ensuring a speedy and secure guest check-in experience. Customize and configure each step of the check-in flow for an optimal guest experience.

  • Easy usability for guests, multi-language options.
  • Integrate digital payments, digital keys, ID Scanning and facial recognition.
  • Fully configurable workflows, templates, images, and offline reconnect settings.

Revitalize Your Check-ins & Exceed Guest Expectations

Simplify check-in and ease the front-desk workload with a self-service kiosk. Offer a fully digital welcome experience, boosting guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

Delight your guests with choice and convenience.

Reduce check-in time to under 30 Seconds.

Surge guest satisfaction scores by up to 20 points.

Transform Your Lobby from a Waiting Room into a Guest Haven

Revamp your lobby into a vibrant social hub! Replace front desks with guest-facing kiosks to promote socializing, co-working, and dining. Free your staff from the front-desk to have more meaningful engagement with guests, boosting satisfaction and operational efficiency. Need inspiration with design and set-up? Explore the examples below, the possibilities are endless!

Enhance your lobby’s functionality by mounting Kiosks discreetly on walls for easy access. This maximizes space efficiency and guest convenience, seamlessly integrating into your lobby’s design for enhanced functionality.

Make a bold statement by positioning your kiosks on an island at the lobby center. Provide convenience and personalization while preserving the lobby’s unique design. Enhance the guest welcome with easy access to check-in while maintaining aesthetic appeal

Strategically place your kiosks in areas that invite guests to relax. Encourage guests to unwind, enjoy a beverage or snack, and check-in at their leisure. Enhance guest convenience while fostering a welcoming atmosphere in your establishment.

Elevating Experiences,
One Check-in at a Time.

  • 2.5x Return on investment for hotels
  • 30 sec Check-in experience for guests
  • 20% Increase in guest satisfaction score
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