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Stayntouch Hotel PMS

Streamline operations, drive revenue, empower staff, and elevate the guest experience with our modern cloud hotel PMS.

Master your Hotel or Chain Management with Our Full-featured Hotel PMS

Our cloud hotel PMS simplifies hotel and chain operations, amplifies revenue streams, streamlines technology connectivity, and transforms the on-property guest experience. Full-featured, flexible, and refreshingly easy-to-use, Stayntouch empowers hotel operators, staff, and guests alike.

Streamline Operations

Supercharge Revenue

Elevate Performance

Key Capability

Mobility for Guests and Staff

Step beyond the constraints of the front desk with our unrivaled mobile PMS! Empower guests to quickly check-in/out using their mobile devices, while giving your staff the flexibility to provide guests top-notch service, anywhere on property. Take full command of your property's management from anywhere on the globe.

  • Manage and access your property from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Give your guests a fast and easy mobile check-in/out experience.
  • Give your staff mobile flexibility and synchronize your front desk and housekeeping.
Key Capability

Enhanced Multi-Property Management

Leverage our advanced multi-property capabilities for easy management of your entire portfolio. Benefit from centralized profile management, configuration, reservation office, multi-property rate, configuration, and comprehensive reporting tools. Streamline your operations and maximize efficiency like never before!

  • Multi-Property Dashboard/Availability Screen.
  • Shared guest data, travel agent, and company cards.
  • Global Commission Handling, global contracts.
Key Capability

Easy Reservation Management

Quickly manage reservations with our intuitive platform. Swiftly create, modify, and search reservations, improving efficiency and eliminating hassles for both your team and guests. Diversify revenue streams and appeal to new markets with our flexible day-use and hourly rates.

  • Availability overview, search and create reservations, item inventory management.
  • Customizable guest, company, and TA profiles, commission handling.
  • Intuitive dashboard and calendar function.
Key Capability

Flexible Front Desk Management

Escape the front desk and meet your guests wherever they are on your property with a mobile optimized PMS. Increase productivity and guest engagement with our color-coded and intuitive interface, advanced automation, and unparalleled flexibility.

  • Intuitive check-in/out & move room screens, room diary display.
  • A dynamic UI with advanced "select-and-click" and "drag-and-drop" features.
  • Cashier functions, posting accounts, handling of financial charges.
Key Capability

Dynamic Revenue Management

Take full control of inventory management anytime, anywhere, even when away from your property. Our mobile platform empowers you to make immediate rate changes, implement hierarchy restrictions, sell rooms by the hour, and integrate with your preferred RMS and CRS solutions.

  • Central rate and restriction management, hierarchy restrictions, hourly rates.
  • Automated dynamic pricing strategies, sell-limits on house or room type.
  • Build custom offerings through allowance and package functionality.
Key Capability

Robust Group/Allotment Handling

Leverage seamless integrations with top-tier sales and catering solutions for efficient data exchange, including room listings and billing instructions. Empower your staff to focus on cultivating key clients and driving new business growth with ease and authority.

  • Full group handling and allotment handling.
  • Rooming list imports, personalized bulk notes, and automated folio charge routing.
  • Integrate add-ons into group rates, automatically applying them to all group reservations.
Key Capability

Synchronized Profile Management

Easily construct a comprehensive guest profile that is automatically synched to your integrated CRM. Personalized guest profiles empower you to craft compelling messaging, drive conversions for increased revenue, and foster stronger guest loyalty, enhancing your brand’s authority.

  • Guest profiles with fields for stay history, VIP status, and custom notes.
  • Synchronized guest profiles and statistics across your entire portfolio.
  • Fully integrated with the Stash Hotel Rewards program to further drive direct bookings and customer loyalty.
Key Capability

Efficient Mobile Housekeeping

Ensure top-notch service, even with limited staff. Gain unparalleled efficiency with custom task lists and automated housekeeping task management. Instant room updates keep your entire team up-to-date on which rooms are available or out of service while eliminating awkward and unnecessary interruptions for guests.

  • Automated task assignment by floor or section, mobile task lists.
  • Instant room status updates and out-of-order/out-of-service handling.
  • Fast posting and customizable items for minibar handling.
Key Capability

360° Reporting & Analytics

Optimize profitability with advanced intelligence capabilities. Harness the power of our interactive analytics dashboards and customizable reporting tools to gain a comprehensive 360° view of your business and performance metrics. Streamline operations with automated report scheduling and data export in various formats for enhanced decision-making.

  • Personalized reporting inbox and attachment handling.
  • Automate report scheduling with customizable content, sequencing, format, and filtering.
  • Export reports easily in all formats, including PDF, for seamless sharing and accessibility.
Key Capability

Complete Financial Control

Gain unmatched capabilities and top-tier payment automation tools, providing an immediate, comprehensive view of your hotel's performance in near real-time. Achieve up to a 42% increase in accounting efficiency with robust automation and flawless integrations with leading accounting systems.

  • Auto charge of deposits and credit card transaction management.
  • Journal of Ledgers and full Account Receivables Module.
  • Cashier management and multi-bill handling for all entities.
Key Capability

Streamlined & Unlimited Integrations

Build your ideal tech stack and future-proof your technology. Our PMS utilizes simplified open APIs and unlimited integrations at no additional cost. Customize your tech ecosystem to fit your unique business needs with our comprehensive library of 1200+ integrations.

  • A comprehensive library of 1200+ integrations.
  • Connect to leading third-party platforms with our open-API architecture.
  • Unlimited integrations at no extra cost.

Lift Your Property or Portfolio to New Heights

Experience the next level of hotel management with Stayntouch PMS. From streamlined operations to advanced revenue capabilities and powerful benefits for guests and staff, unlock a feature-rich platform that optimizes performance and propels your property or group to success.

Manage your portfolio 70% more efficiently, interact with your guests as a single brand, and easily scale your business with our enhanced multi-property management functionality. 

  • Intuitive multi-property dashboard.
  • Shared stats, guest, travel agent, and company profiles.
  • Multi-property configuration and deployment.

Boost housekeeping efficiency by up to 25% with automation and mobile communication. Always have rooms ready for early arrivals, and eliminate unnecessary interruptions!

  • Instant room status updates
  • Automated task assignment with customized task lists
  • Custom completion time to increase performance

Free your staff from screen overload. Our automation system boosts productivity, letting them focus on meaningful guest interactions for exceptional experiences.

  • Automated Bulk Check-In, Payment Collection, and more!
  • Automated end-of-day reports and report scheduling.
  • Seamless connection to leading accounting solutions.

Our intuitive PMS is designed with psychological principles in mind to simplify navigation, maximize ease-of-use, and dramatically reduce training time.

  • Vibrant and intuitive user interface design. 
  • Advanced “select and click” and “drag and drop” features
  • Train staff in just 1.5 hours per module!

Increase ancillary revenue by as much as 18% with automated upsell offers for room upgrades, amenities, and monetized early check-in/late check-out. 

  • Send targeted upgrade offers directly to your guests’ smartphones.
  • Deliver a personalized booking experie to your guests. 
  • Offer monetized early check-in/ late check-out

Optimize rates and restrictions, and expand your inventory offerings to cater to new customer segments. Hourly and day-use rates appeal to busy airport travelers or remote workers, providing for more diverse revenue streams

  • Hourly rates, day-use rates, extended stay rates. 
  • Central rate & restriction management, hierarchy restrictions. 
  • Apply sell limits on house or room type.

Connect with the most advanced revenue management platforms at no extra cost with our open APIs. Integrate with best-of-breed revenue management solution to leverage advanced deep-learning and data analytics to optimize pricing strategies and maximize revenue.

  • Seamlessly integrate with advanced revenue management solutions. 
  • Further optimize pricing strategies and maximize revenue.
  • Leverage deep insights and advanced analytics from leading business intelligence tools. 

Fine-tune your pricing strategy using customizable criteria, with a Rate Strategy tool built directly into Stayntouch PMS. Create dynamic strategies that automatically increase or decrease rates based on hotel occupancy.

  • Multiple Thresholds Within a Rate Strategy.
  • Apply Strategies To Custom Rates or Time Periods.
  • Multiple Rate Selection.

No more lines at the front desk. Give your guests choice, convenience, and control of their check-in experience. Integrate with leading mobile key and payment platforms for a fully mobile welcome experience. 

  • Convenient mobile guest welcome in under 30 seconds. 
  • Integrate with digital payment gateways and keyless entry systems. 
  • Personalize the guest in-stay experience with mobile upgrade offers.

Integrate with mobile guest messaging and a mobile point-of-sale (PoS) platform to offer mobile-first in-stay dining and instant responses for service or requests.

  • Integrate with leading mobile POS platforms for mobile-first dining.
  • Offer instant service by integrating with mobile guest messaging platforms.
  • Leave a great last impression with mobile check-out.

Enhance staff productivity and elevate service with mobile flexibility, comprehensive automation, and an easy-to-use UI. Our intuitive platform is easy to use and automates many common administrative tasks, so staff members stay focused on guests 一 not on their screens. 

  • Eliminate busywork with comprehensive automation and workflows. 
  • Escape the front desk and Interact with guests anywhere on the property.
  • Let your staff focus on the guest with our easy-to-use platform.

Empower your staff with the right tools and training to succeed in their roles, combat turnover, and deliver exceptional guest experiences. Our intuitive tech solutions, on-demand resources, and reliable support ensure they’re equipped for success.

  • Master our platform in as little as two days, 90 minutes per module. 
  • On-demand product knowledge and training resources.
  • Reliable 24-7-365 support and less than one hour response time.

The Guest & Staff Experience

Power-up with a comprehensive mobile property management system to enable your staff to greet and assist guests anywhere across the property, fostering a more interactive and connected guest experience.

The Mobile Guest Experience

Make a great first 一 and last 一 impression by delivering a mobile guest experience, from arrival to departure. Boost your earnings by delivering customized add-on offers directly to their mobile devices.

Hospitality Excellence, Fueled by Modern Technology

Strengthen your brand's commitment to excellence with innovative technology. Our modern hotel PMS offers unrivaled power and ease, redefining performance standards for hotels.

Efficient Management

Easily transition between managing your entire chain or a single property with advanced multi-property management tools. Our cloud PMS boasts a user-friendly interface and robust automation capabilities.

Increased Profitability

Maximize your hotel's profit potential with Stayntouch PMS. Our system delivers automated upsells, no maintenance fees, unlimited integrations at no extra cost, and reduces expenses for training and onboarding, ensuring optimal ROI.

Elevated Performance

Our cloud-native PMS, hosted on AWS, ensures superior performance, top-notch security, a scalable architecture, and 100% uptime. We provide the reliability and efficiency you need to operate your business without disruption.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Manager your properties and deliver exceptional hospitality from anywhere. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and adjust rates on the go—all at your fingertips. Easily manage distribution and availability across your entire chain.

Reliable Connectvity

Expand your tech ecosystem with Stayntouch PMS. Benefit from new features and enhancements at no additional costs, tap into our 1200+ integrations, open APIs, and an extensive partner network.

Fast Training and Deployment

Embark on your journey hassle-free with remote or on-site deployment, intuitive on-demand resources, and transparent pricing. No hidden fees and low minimum costs make getting started a breeze!

Modern Technology,
for Elevated Hospitality.

  • 70% Faster to Deploy and Manage Portfolio
  • 2 Days To Train Staff on Platform
  • <1 Hour Support Ticket Response Time
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