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Unburden your technology stack with our open APIs  that facilitate seamless, real-time data exchange for enhanced system connectivity, more efficient operations, and a unified and personalized guest experience.

How Webhooks Work

Webhooks are event-based HTTP notifications that automatically send data when initiated by a triggering event in our Connect APIs. While traditional Hotel APIs waste time searching through an entire haystack of data, webhooks give you the thread that leads directly to the needle.

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Objects, Fields and Values

Webhooks can be used to design highly targeted messaging based on triggering events informed by your guests’ preferences and activity. For example, if you have a guest that reserves a suite at your hotel, plays a round of golf, and enjoys a dinner at your lounge, webhooks could be used to send offers for future room upgrades, information on upcoming golf events, or loyalty benefits for free champagne with dinner.

Below, we set up a webhook and subscribed to a ‘create_reservation’ event. If a new reservation is made, we would send a notification that would look like this:

As an example, a Webhook that is set up and subscribed to a ‘create_reservation’ event. If a new reservation is made, we would send a notification that would look like this:

 "created_at": "2018-10-15T19:11:40.622Z",
 "event": "create_reservation",
 "id": 2739,
 "data": {
    "arrival_date": "2018-10-15",
    "arrival_time": null,
    "confirmation_number": "108732",
    "departure_date": "2018-10-16",
    "departure_time": null,
    "hotel_id": 777,
    "id": 3157941,
    "object": "reservation",
    "status": "reserved"
 "object": "event"
Name Description Type Required

The time the event was created. This is in UTC

e.g.: 2018-05-10T13:50:30

datetime Yes

Object containing data associated with the event.

*Please reference each data schema: Reservation, ReservationNotification,Inventory, Group.

object:{Data Schema} Yes

Event name you subscribe.

e.g.: create_reservation, checkin, update_inventory

string Yes

Event identifier. The unique number for the transaction.

integer Yes

Object name. Always 'event'.

string Yes

List of Available Webhooks

Object Description Events

An event for Company or Travel Agent

  • create_account
  • edit_account

An event for End of Day changes and notifications

  • complete_end_of_day
  • direct_bill_settlement

An event for Group

  • create_group
  • edit_group

An event for Guest

  • create_guest
  • edit_guest
  • anonymize_guest

An event for Inventory changes (hotel and room type)

  • update_inventory
  • update_sell_limits

An event for Reservation changes and notifications

  • create_reservation
  • edit_reservation
  • cancel_reservation
  • no_show_reservation
  • reinstate_reservation
  • checkin_available
  • checkin_completed
  • checkin_failed
  • checkout_available
  • checkedout
  • reverse_checkout
  • reverse_checkin
  • pre_checkin_available
  • pre_checkin_success
  • pre_checkin_failure
  • room_assignment_succeed
  • room_move
  • card_replaced

An event for Reservation Revenue changes and notifications

  • reservation_revenue_update
  • hierarchical_restriction
  • non_hierarchical_restriction

An event for Housekeeping Room status changes

  • room_status

An event for the Room service status like an out of order or out of service in the calendar view

  • room_status_service

An event for any rate plan and rate amount change

  • create_rate
  • edit _rate
  • delete_rate
  • edit_rate_via_Rate_Manager

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