[Webinar] StayNTouch Best Practices

How to Strategically Overbook
Without Alienating Your Guests!


Maximize Booking Profits

Overbooking can be stressful; for your revenue manager, your front desk agent, and for the guest that needs last-minute accommodations! But not overbooking means dealing with no-shows, cancellations and early checkouts while leaving precious revenue on the table. Hoteliers need a smart overbooking strategy so that they can maximize their revenues, without negatively affecting the guest experience, or generating bad reviews. During this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is overbooking, and how is differs from other inventory discrepancies such as spillage and spoilage;
  • When you should intentionally overbook, and why it can be beneficial to your bottom line;
  • Which guests to walk, and how to actually turn walking into a positive experience;
  • Tips on how to minimize PMS-CRS-OTA syncing issues that cause overbooking errors;

The live presentation will be followed by a short Q&A session.

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StayNTouch Best Practice Series

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Master fundamental best practices implementations of Rover efficiently and effectively.

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Your Host

Justin De Rise

As a content and customer marketing specialist, Justin is committed to helping hoteliers strategize on ways to combine technology and human support to personalize guests' experiences and enhance operations.

“As we develop future projects, we will continue to innovate on the guest experience ... We have been impressed with StayNTouch’s commitment to supporting new hotel concepts in both front and back of house operations.”

Christian Strobel

President at Bunkhouse Group

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