How The Cloud Improves Hotel POS Software Integrations

Integration of core hotel systems is key to streamlining operations with many experts and operators agreeing that a good distribution system and proper channel-management integration are some of the most important integrations into a PMS. However many hoteliers still struggle to keep up with their growth and manage costs effectively because of a hodge-podge of disconnected functional systems. The introduction of cloud has presented the hospitality industry with a revolutionary way of doing business better, more efficiently, and cost-effectively. A cloud based PMS offers hoteliers much greater flexibility: built to run on the internet, with open API capabilities, it integrates much easier, faster and more effective than their local-server alternatives.

PMS and Point-of-Sale Integration is Key

A key hotel system that should be integrated with your hotel PMS is the hotel point-of-sale(POS) outlets. Hotels can have multiple on-property points-of-sale like a restaurant(s), gift shop or spa all of which can be strong revenue earners for hoteliers but they also add another layer of complexity to daily operations.

When staying at your hotel, guests can make numerous transactions on property – whether it’s the in the restaurant, spa and/or other services and amenities – all of these charges need to be posted directly to the guest folio in PMS. Traditionally, any incidental charges had to be manually conveyed to the front desk manager, who would then make a note in the guest’s folio which were then added manually during checkout. Such a process creates extra paperwork and overhead for the hotel, and even the most organised front desk can face billing discrepancies due to miscommunication and or human error. This can lead to annoyed and agitated guests arguing charges on their bill (which is not really what you want your guests to experience right at the end of their stay!) and/or a loss of revenue where charges have accidentally been omitted from the total bill.  

Simplify Operations with a Cloud-Based POS and Hotel PMS Connection

But with a cloud based PMS integrated with the hotel point-of-sale (POS) system this process is automated.  Guests may purchase items or services from the various POS and the charges will be billed directly to their rooms. The process of keeping track of charging guests for onsite purchases and the updating the guest folio is no longer an manual issue. A hotel PMS and POS integration simplifies operations, efficiency and accuracy, for both the hotel and the guests.

Attention to detail is what matters when it comes to guest experience and billing inaccuracies can be a source of frustration for guests. By eliminating errors via automation, hoteliers can help to ensure a smooth process and a pleasant guest experience upon check-out. Integration removes complexity, allows for streamlined processes, increased operational efficiency, greater accuracy and improve guest experience. With a cloud based PMS and hotel point-of-sale integration, hoteliers can focus more on going above and beyond in guest service and increasing revenues.

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