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Supercharge your revenue game and check-In to profitability with the new UpsellPRO, powered by attribute-based selling (ABS) and dynamic pricing.

Hotel Upsell Solution

UpsellPRO is a cutting-edge hotel upsell solution, powered by ABS and dynamic pricing and uniquely native to Stayntouch PMS. It empowers guests to customize their stay experience and enables hotels to drive ancillary and room revenue through innovative functionality.

  • Maximize room revenue with attribute-based upsells, drive ancillary revenue.
  • Hyper-personalize the guest booking flow and in-stay experience.
  • Fully synchronized with your existing room-category inventory model.

Power Your Revenue with a Hotel Upsell Solution Fueled by Attribute-Based Selling & Dynamic Pricing

Surge Revenue and Conversions

Offer attractive upsells and room customization, maximizing revenue within each room category and ancillary offer.

Dynamic, Demand-Based Pricing

Maximize conversions and room revenue with automated pricing, eliminating manual price setting and operational conflicts.

Streamline Operational Efficiency

UpsellPRO delivers real-time operational availability and an advanced forecasting algorithm that guarantees room fulfillment

Hyper-Personalized Guest Experience

Personalize guest stays with room setups, add-ons, and early check-in/extended stay options via mobile or kiosk.

Real-Time Performance Data

Capitalize on detailed insights into guests' preferences and price sensitivity to amplify your hotel's performance.

Easy Configuration and Deployment

UpsellPRO is an add-on to Stayntouch PMS. Enjoy easy acccess and configuration to your existing inventory models.

Advanced Hotel Upselling, Without the Operational Hassle

Supercharge Revenue with ABS

ABS is a cutting-edge approach to upselling and booking, selling room features individually instead of through traditional room types. This customization gives guests a more personalized stay while unlocking new revenue opportunities for hotels.

  • Drive profitability with room-attribute upsells powered by dynamic pricing
  • Add new in-room products to enable more attribute-based upselling opportunities.
  • Elevate the guest booking experience with hyper-personalized customization.

More Revenue at Check-in/Out

Deliver the convenience and peace of mind of a guaranteed early arrival or late departure. UpsellPRO leverages fenced stay extension windows and availability algorithms to synchronize room availability with guest conversions.

  • Monetize early check-in and late departure with dynamic pricing.
  • Utilize fenced stay extensions and availability forecasting for proactive management.
  • Leverage dynamic pricing to optimize stay extension conversions.

Boost Service & Package Upsells

Earn more revenue with automated mobile and kiosk-based upsell and cross-sell offers for ancillary services and amenities. UpsellPRO features advanced algorithms to capitalize on guest preferences, increase conversions, and guarantee fulfillment.

  • Upsell and cross-sell offers with end-to-end automation.
  • Optimize amenity conversions with dynamic pricing.
  • Leverage a streamlined guest configuration wizard.

Guarantee Room Availability

UpsellPRO connects directly to Stayntouch PMS, aligning with your hotel’s existing room categories and distribution model, right down to individual room numbers. This allows for automatic forecasting of real-time room availability, ensuring guests can select options without backend operational conflicts.

  • Direct PMS integration, down to the individual room number.
  • Advanced availability forecasting algorithm.
  • Aligns with existing room-category distribution model.

Enhance Guest Personalization

Easily accept payments online, in-person, or through a guest-facing kiosk, while offering guests the convenience of paying however they want. Any webpage, email, QR code, or text message can facilitate a seamless and secure payment experience for your guests.

  • Offer guests a tailored booking experience, with attribute-based shopping.
  • Dynamic mobile- and kiosk-based upsells and cross-sells.
  • Leverage real-time consumer insights for even more personalization.

A Revenue Engine,
Built for More Profit.

  • 23% Potential Increase in Upsell Revenue
  • 45% Of Guests Purchase Two or More Upsell Attributes
  • $50 Avg added revenue from ancillary services per upsell
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