Product Description:

Infrasys is a cloud based enterprise level POS platform built especially for hotels. The rich capability of the platform allows for busy restaurants to monitor their orders as well as keep tab on inventories and costs. Chain level reporting enables groups/management companies to track the information they need to improve upon service and profit.

Easily deployable to a single hotel or a chain of 1,000+ the Infrasys platform is backed by Shiji’s service commitment and on going support.

Information Exchange
1 Way
can look up a room and post charge

Benefit to Customer:

The Infrasys POS platform is designed with group/chain business. The multi-unit reporting capabilities allow customers to truly understand behaviors across properties and regions.

The interconnectivity between the Shiji Group platforms will continue to enhance guest service, efficiency and profitability


Product Description:

Lightspeed offers a leading POS platform for the independent hotelier. Their iPad powered POS system is feature rich for a single restaurant and offers capabilities such as “self service” ordering via a tablet or a enabling the wait staff to put orders in directly at a table using a tablet.

The Lightspeed POS platform offers a cloud database with offline mode in case internet is loss. This capability makes the POS extremely flexible and easy to use anywhere you are.

Information Exchange
1 Way

Supported features:
*Posting of Charges to Guest room or house account
*Map items from Charges on multiple levels (Single outlet by Product or Category, Multiple outlets (Floors) by Product or Category)
*Import of Non Room Charge transactions as part of End of Day
*Non room payment methods can be broken out to different Accounts (Cash to one account, Credit Cards to a different account, etc)
*Standard Tip / Gratuity code across all outlets
*Guest Look up by Room or Name

Not Supported:
*Editing of finalized charges
*Splitting bill between multiple rooms or accounts
*Taxes do not flow from Lightspeed. Rover Charge codes need approprirate tax codes set as generated items

Benefit to Customer:

Lightspeed provides a good platform at an extremely affordable price point. They are device agnostic so will run on various tablets and printers. While the system works extremely well for a hotel with a couple outlets it does not have full featured functionality for multi-property reporting.

This system is best used by a hotel that wants to have an easy cloud based POS platform with PMS integration at an affordable price point.