What do SUVs, pro Dbacks and Hotel Service Have in Common? Now All Can Roam..

Rover is a lot like that premium brand of vehicles y’all are likely familiar with. We know that your front desk will heartily greet road weary guests with a friendly smile as they stagger to your desk. But with Rover, not only can your guests travel many miles in sophisticated style, but they can also slip into 4-wheel drive and go off-road. You can bring the service and adventure to guests on your hotel property wherever they may find themselves; imagine the service potential where you meet a guest at their car in the parking lot, have their room keys, and can take them to their quarters. Your guests can take the road less traveled without having to sacrifice the level of service they expect from a high-end, luxury brand.

In the NFL, teams that win with defense have a player in their secondary that has the ability to read the quarterback, cover a receiver, and defend against the run. This player is called their Rover, and is usually tasked with play-calling for the defense, and is also allowed to freelance in action. The Rover has the ability and authority to make decisions on the fly, and is a respected leader on productive defenses. In business, having a tool that can handle anything that is thrown at it and turn complicated situations into frontline results is indispensable.

Your staff will become omniscient hosts carrying Rover to check guests in and out of the forgotten corners of your property, shining the light of service where it has not yet shone. When you give your team nearly total mobile access to the PMS at their fingertips, no terrain is off limits. With Rover, you will make granular observations of a guest’s stay card and be able to carry out a myriad of changes remotely. Rover is autonomous in the same way as a space rover — obeying your needs and reporting them to the cloud, including all essential information for the mothership in real time. While this is awesome and powerful on its own, the added reliability and the compact nature of our proprietary and adaptive Rover module will outfit you to provide an out of this world experience for your guests.

By Rachel Winder, Sales Executive at StayNTouch.

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