Why we now expect more from our Hotel Software


While the Internet was the start of a technology revolution, nothing really has ever been the same since the introduction of the iPhone back in 2007. It’s hard to believe it hasn’t even been ten years since Apple introduced us to the idea of a mobile computer and enviably, you could say that they [Apple] started a wave of innovation and changed the way we now use and interact with technology today.

It’s no surprise that we completely accepted the deficiencies of certain technologies in the 1990s, whether it was our home computer or office environment; from the graphics that we cropped, usability and flexibility that didn’t exist, designs that weren’t considered and the ridiculous slowness of it all. Sure we didn’t know any better, but now we do.

The technology revolution was catapulted into our personal lives and we accepted with open arms. As a consequence, it had a significant impact on our everyday lives, both as consumers and employees. We now expect so much better because we know it is possible.

The poor PMS gets an awful hard time (well in “modern times” that is).  It’s been through a number of iterations and generations, from Minicomputers to UNIX/NOVELL, then along came Reservation systems and Client-server, followed by GUI and ASP (VPN). All of which were a development of their own time and served the needs for the hotel business model and customer demand at that time. However, we are no longer at ‘that time’.

There are now many common complaints that users have expresses about their PMS – all of which are derived from a combination of and clash of new user expectations and legacy systems based on 20-year-old technology. The complaints include; cost of training, maintenance and upkeep, lack of flexibility and adaptability, integration, ease of use etc. Legacy systems are just not suited to cope with the demands of today’s business needs and the expectations of today’s mobile traveller. “The Hospitality business model is characterized by high fixed-costs and variable income. Fluctuations in occupancy and room-rate demand tight cost control. Yet the increasing expectations guests have won’t tolerate less than excellent service. A hard equation to balance.” Asia Tech Directions.

As we have evolved into a mobile generation, our business also needs to be mobile. In the hotel industry, every drop of advantage must be wrung from technology and hotel software to meet consumer needs and expectations. The growth of cloud based PMS’ is enabling hotels to invest in powerful tools without having to bear the huge cost of infrastructure. These tools are enabling hoteliers to significantly lower costs, boost efficiency by simplify processes and automate operations, improve the bottom line and most


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