The Impact of Mobilizing your Hotel Staff

As we have evolved into a mobile generation, businesses also need to be mobile. Many hoteliers are unaware that employee-facing technology has the..

As we have evolved into a mobile generation, businesses also need to be mobile. Many hoteliers are unaware that employee-facing technology has the greatest potential to not only enable employees to work better and smarter therefore improving daily operations but also help provide a better guest service.

Traditionally, (and still in some cases) guests and front office employees interact from opposite sides of a desk but by mobilizing your hotel staff using “new” cloud based software solutions hoteliers empower their employees by removing unnecessary barriers that might be blocking them from putting the customer first and allow them to offer customers superior service quality and a distinctive experience. “As you mobilize the guest experience, you can integrate that with the staff and have an incredible customer service experience that can’t be beat… the end goal is to create a customer service experience that is jaw dropping,” Jonathan Stark, Mobile Strategy Consultant.

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Mobile enables staff to get out from behind the desk and in front of guests for the ultimate personalized service and upsell capability. Mobile allows staff to better connect with guests allowing them to provide guest services anywhere in the hotel, such as;

  • Curbside or lobby check-in and out
  • Personalized upsell and room-change capability
  • Guest registration signature capture
  • Provision of room key cards
  • Processes credit card payments
  • …etc

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Mobile cloud solutions mean that staff can perform many hotel operations on the go; they can receive instant updates about tasks in real-time and update the status immediately after completion and critical business information is always at the Manager’s fingertips. That on-demand capability can immediately elevate a hotel’s efficiency and perceived service level. Mobility allows employees to provide services anywhere the guests are, resulting in more satisfied customers. A CDW study showed a 20% increase in positive ratings in guest satisfaction after a mobile PMS solution was deployed at a major hotel chain – not only did the guest satisfaction rating soar but so did the hotel’s net promoter scores.

There is no doubt that hotels who equip their staff with mobile devices will not only allow them to perform duties from anywhere on the property and gain operational efficiencies but will empower their staff to spend more time with customers and truly deliver an exceptional and personal service as opposed to being “processors”.

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