Mobile PMS: 4 Elements of Engagement

elementsofengagementMobile technology has become firmly embedded into our everyday and ubiquitous in everything we do. It has revolutionized travel for guests and as a consequence hoteliers need to ensure that they keep their property attuned to guests’ changing needs. The growth of cloud computing has impacted positively on the use of mobile devices, supporting more flexible working practices and helping hoteliers to improve the service they offer their guests.

Below we run through 4 elements of engagement that mobile PMS offers and ultimately 4 elements that help to serve guests better.

#1 Staff Flexibility & #2 Accessibility: Cloud based mobile PMSs have provided hoteliers with a new degree of freedom and a completely different level of control when compared to the legacy PMS – fixed entities and only operational on-site. Staff can now assist guests away from the front desk (“Mission Control”) anytime, anywhere and with any device!

Whether assisting guests during busy lobby times to avoid lines or checking in groups near an event space, hoteliers have the flexibility to access the hotel PMS from wherever the workday takes them. Accessible from any mobile device means staff can easily manage the property anytime and from anywhere, from taking bookings, completing check-ins, and assisting the guest wherever they are, whether it’s pool-side, curb side or in the lobby.

A Cloud based PMS means your front desk and staff can be truly mobile.


#3 Choice of service: Mobile technology has been embraced by all travelling age groups due to its sheer convenience and efficiency and with many industries readily adopting and offering the latest in mobile innovations to their customers, it makes sense then that hotel guests expect the same level of control.

The traditional service employee check-in promoted long lines, disgruntled customers and large staffing levels to complete repetitive tasks but self-service has brought greater efficiency, convenience and shorter wait times for all. With a Cloud based mobile PMS solution, guests can self check-in and check out via their smartphone. In addition hotels can offer guests upgrades or the opportunity to stay a little longer through dynamic “late check out offers.

Offering guests the choice of mobile technology is now considered good customer service. “There’s an 8-10 points variance positive for guests that do the mobile check in. They come in and they get to go to an expedited line, they can pick up their key. They love it.” Shannon MacCallum, Exec. Director of Hotel Operations, Aria Las Vegas.

It doesn’t change the basic values of hospitality, if anything it helps you to continue delivering an exceptional service, but now with more efficiency and possibly a nice boost to your revenues.

#4 Efficient Service: A mobile PMS allows hoteliers to interact more effectively with guests while taking less staff time to do so. Guests can be pre-engaged prior to arrival via their smartphones, enabling them to self check-in, see pictures of rooms, receive upgrade offers and even enable the guest to make service requests. “The guest is doing so much of the work ahead of time, we don’t have to collect their information when they arrive. We basically just get an ID and then we make their keys.” Shannon MacCallum, Exec. Director of Hotel Operations, Aria Las Vegas.

During a guest stay, hotel employees are expected to react immediately to guest requests. With the use of a mobile PMS, hotel staff has quick and easy access to historical and real-time guest data enabling them to interact with guests instantly and anticipate their needs in ways that improve their stay measurably. With a mobile PMS solution, Hotel owners effectively empower their employees “on the move” with the necessary instruments that can help to meet and exceed guest expectations.

A mobile PMS allows hoteliers to serve guests wherever they would like to interact, in ways that give them complete freedom of choice – whether they are checking in their mobile device prior to arriving at the property, or extending their stay from the comfort of their room without even picking up the phone. Utilizing a mobile PMS solutions not only provides an expedited service to your guests but a highly personalized service, which in turn elevates service levels and boost satisfaction ratings.

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