Hotel Reservation System: 6 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs One

Hotels need to adapt to new technology to compete in the current market. An advanced Hotel Reservation system should always be prioritized. 

—Justin DeRise

Our world is full of screens. We keep them in our hands, purses and pockets, next to our beds while we sleep, and surround ourselves with screens on our desks and countertops.

Wired. We now live in a digital era where everything is available instantaneously. Innovations in technology have touched many facets of our daily lives, both personal and professional; they have reached into every corner of the business world; they have reshaped the expectations of customers and changed the way we communicate, shop, travel etc.

When it comes to the hotel industry, customer expectations have changed immensely – all driven by the instant gratification of the mobile revolution. As a result, technology has become critical to attracting and retaining hotel guests. To meet escalating guest expectations hoteliers need to ensure that their reservation system is fit for purpose. Newer breeds of hotel reservation systems are tuned to meet the demands of the modern day traveller and have infinite benefits – here are just 6 of our favorites:

Reason 1

Connect on the go

A hotel reservation system being hosted in the cloud means hoteliers can manage reservations remotely, at any time, 24x7x365. Staff are no longer tied to their front desk and can focus on other areas of the business or better yet have the ability to check-in guests, manage group check ins, check out of other guests, confirm and

acquire a complete overview reservations all at the same time, anytime, anywhere. Using a variety of devices and platforms such as smartphones and tablets, staff can easily access real time hotel reservation or guest profile information on the go and can service guests from anywhere on property.

Reason 2

Increase visibility and reach

Customers are shopping online more than they ever have; eMarketer estimates that there will be over 215 million digital shoppers in the US by 2018.
A modern hotel reservation system with seamless integration features enables hotels to not just maximize bookings via the hotel’s own website but also via various online channels such as the GDS, OTAs etc.
With a hotel reservation system hoteliers can be present in the global marketplace, increase the visibility of their hotel(s) all over the world and reach as many potential guests as possible.

Reason 3

Reduce booking errors and improve reservations

Without a hotel reservation system hoteliers would have to handle an enormous database of customer information along with other parameters and bookings from various vendors with minimal errors – this, to say the least would be difficult.

However a hotel reservation system makes life so much easier; with an integrated system, all customer and booking information is synced across all channels and is updated simultaneously, in real time.

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Reason 4

Availability of mobile bookings

For most of us, our phones are with us morning, noon, and night so not surprisingly mobile booking is the fastest growing segment of online booking. Last year (2016) saw 148 million travel bookings via mobile capability any travel industry analysts expect the number

of mobile bookings to increase by sizable percentages in 2017 and beyond; safe to say, if you aren’t leveraging the power of a booking system, you are missing out on what’s no longer a trend but an important reality!

Reason 5

Increase operational efficiency

A hotel reservation system can provide real time status of hotel rooms helping to keep everyone informed. For example, on checkout, front desk can update the system informing housekeeping rooms that are ready for service. Similarly once the rooms become available for check-in

housekeeping can quickly and easily update the system. Not only does this increase internal operational efficiency but also allows for a quicker turnover of rooms and a more efficient check-in process.

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Reason 6

Increase satisfaction and loyalty

With a hotel booking system hoteliers have the ability to collate and retain pertinent guest information and stay history. Integrating and syncing data from multiple sources, hoteliers have the opportunity to engage with customers and provide an enhanced and personalized experience. Using the data effectively, hotels can offer additional services or products both relevant and timely to enhance their guest stay leading to increased guest satisfaction and the potential of turning one-timers

into repeat customers. Hotel reservation systems make business easier; they allow hoteliers to work more smartly, accurately and efficiently. They simplify operations while at the same time maximize revenue opportunities. As customers demand more convenience, more choice, and greater customization, we ensure we have the right technology in place to maximize efficiency, revenue opportunities and ultimately remain competitive.

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