Insufficient Customer Support For Hotel PMS

Technology is a vital part of any hotel. The Property Management System (PMS) is at the heart of hotel operations helping with efficiency and guest experience. Hotels rely on their PMS for managing their operations, their marketing and every stage of the guest journey—from planning to check-in, during the stay, at check out, and after the visit. It is an indispensable hotel tool.

However, a recent Hospitality Technology Study found that overwhelmingly, 55.2% of hoteliers were not satisfied with their current PMS provider – and according to another new global hotel PMS study, The Future of Hotel Management Systems, insufficient support from vendors topped the list of concerns expressed by hoteliers about their property management systems. When asked about their biggest concerns with their existing PMS, 30% of respondents say lack of support from their PMS vendor – mentioning it nearly twice as often as any other pain point. More than half (57%) of hotel chains rate their PMS vendor as average or poor for their support services.

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With new technology and solutions constantly emerging and being developed to help hotels run more smoothly, generate more ancillary revenue, improve communication with guests etc. why does a hotel choose to remain with vendors they are not satisfied with, vendors that do not provide adequate support? Well, it seems that when it comes to trying new solutions, many hotels are just simply reluctant to do so. Reluctance to switch to a new provider or implement a new solution stems from concerns over the cost of investment, lack of trust in a new vendor and more often than not, the perceived risk of switching is far too high. And because of these reasons, hoteliers are willing to stick out their current situation, regardless of the sub-standard support provided.

While choosing a new PMS is no simple task – it can be daunting if not, intimidating selecting the right fit for your property but by not evaluating alternative and newer solutions, hoteliers are missing out. Upgrading or moving to cloud-based property management system can reduce costs, streamline operations and enable you to stay connected with the new mobile traveler. In a fast-paced business environment, those that choose to stay “safe” and keep legacy property management systems in place are holding themselves back from reaching out to their customers in time.

With the abundance of new technology in the property management systems industry, if you unhappy with your current solution, there is no time like the present to upgrade your PMS!

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