Enhancing Hotel Guest Experience With Staff Flexibility

We all know too well that it’s the guests that are the reason for operating a hotel business in the first place. And for many hoteliers operating their.

We all know too well that it’s the guests that are the reason for operating a hotel business in the first place. And for many hoteliers operating their property couldn’t go without its property management system. Newer cloud PMS’s have not only proved to be cost effective, significantly improving operational efficiencies and impacting the bottom line but they also help to enhance the customer experience.

Cloud based mobile PMSs have provided hoteliers with a new degree of freedom and a completely different level of control when compared to the legacy PMS. Staff can now assist guests away from the front desk anytime, anywhere and with any device! As a cloud based PMS solution is designed to easily adapt and seamlessly work across tablets and mobile devices, staff have the ability and flexibility to come out from behind the front desk to interact with customers, and make the arrival feel less like a transaction and much more like a welcoming experience. Whether arriving for business, leisure or with a group, staff equipped with tablets can meet guests in the lobby; curbside etc. can provide a bespoke experience, welcoming and checking guests in with a few quick taps. Along with the handy electronic signature capture feature, hotels can offer a paperless guest check in that is efficient and mobile.

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Similarly a cloud PMS allows hoteliers to easily keep track of guests’ personalized preferences and stay history while at the same time providing a system for delivering a truly personalized and individual service. When meeting guests throughout the property or answering a service call, staff members can quickly and easily access and view essential customer information at a glance, on the go. Being able to respond quickly not only helps raise the overall level of guest attentiveness across your hotel and make every guest interaction personal but it is a proven way of differentiating your property and generating guest loyalty and repeat business.

While operational efficiencies may seem more like a back office topic and less of a guest- enhancing subject, mobile-based hotel PMS can also make an hotelier’s operational life much easier which in turn has a knock on effect on customer service and satisfaction. Cloud systems simplify integration with other systems for improved operational efficiency via automated data exchange. Automation of repetitive tasks such as night auditing, reservation organization, inventory updating means it less likely for errors to occur while also helping to free up staff time allowing them to focus more of their time and attention towards the guest. Staff can assign certain tasks to specific employees and quickly communicate with other departments instantly and simultaneously through integrated mobile devices. Similarly, a cloud PMS provides staff with a holistic real-time picture of operations – allowing them to work more efficiently. Well-executed operational functions are a key determinant of whether a guest’s stay meets their expectations and whether they check out satisfied. A mobile-based hotel PMS can make an hoteliers life much easier.

Basically, in a nutshell, Cloud PMS solutions help to simplifying things for managers and employees, allowing them to focus on what’s really important i.e. the guest. A cloud PMS solution not only effectively streamlines hotel operations but is key to enhancing and delivering a memorable guest experience. Delivering a timely personalized service not only makes guests feel welcome, but valued – and when your guests know they are valued by providing truly personalized service that keeps them coming back for more.

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