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Customer Support Shouldn’t Be A Premium Feature

Most businesses provide some sort of support option such as per-project, or per-user /volume pricing structure, while some offer support as a “feature” that gets better the more customers pay. On the surface it makes sense. Offering support costs time, and time is money. If a customer wants a premium service they should pay top dollar. However this could be a huge mistake.

Now we are not saying that customer support should be free but vendors shouldn’t punish customers for using their products or services. All customers want to know that they’re valued and important but if tiered and/or time limit support options are the only options offered this can actually push customers to reconsider the value of the products they are using.

Take Netflix for example; we all pay a set monthly subscription and that amount doesn’t change whether you watch 100 hours or 1 hour. But if Netflix had a sliding scale of charges based on the number of hours you watched you would probably seriously consider how much TV you needed to watch, and probably forgo, or at least think twice about any late night boxset binges you needed to catch up on. Charging customers for additional support features and/or cutting them out of support creates a negative experience and can cause resentment. It certainly doesn’t offer them a reason to continue wanting to use your product or service instead of a competitor; and it’s now easier than ever to find alternative options to what you sell.

However, when you take care of customers, they will in turn allow your business to thrive. “Caring is the most powerful marketing strategy there is.” Marie Forleo.  Studies have shown that it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than keep an old one, and outpacing your competition depends upon having a loyal tribe of happy customers. Happy customers result in returning customers and a legion of brand enthusiasts.

Customer support is an indestructible foundation for success and therefore shouldn’t be a premium feature. Vendors who offer the same, great, level of service to everyone who uses their product regardless of which plan they are on stand to gain.

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  1. Never a truer word said.
    All too often a business forgets about “bread and butter” business; focusing on new sales over looking after those valuable promoters of your brand in favour of another sale.
    Whilst this works in the short term, it is never a smart strategy for building a sustainable long term business as your existing, long term clients will always be more valued by your competition.

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