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Travelers’ Social Sharing Habits

TripAdvisor reveals travelers’ social sharing habits

A new TripAdvisor social media travel survey of more than 1,700 U.S. respondents reveals a strong correlation between social media and travel, as 76 percent said they share travel experiences via social networks. Click here to read the survey!

Take special note of the following included statistics: “Fifty-seven percent post status updates, and 34 percent use “check-ins” while traveling.During a trip, travelers most often “check-in” when arriving at their hotel (27 percent), a landmark/attraction (25 percent), or a restaurant (19 percent)”.

At stayNtouch we think that this type of statistics offer some hotel stay marketing and up sell opportunities for hotels if they were to engage with their guests on those social networks. It would be even better if hotels had the opportunity to allow guests to engage with each other, and check in with the hotels own “social network” and post updates like “great spa” or “just had a great meal in the hotels restaurant”… priceless! Now imagine if that had some sort of link with the hotels PMS guest profiles…

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