October 15 2012

4 Online Travel Trends

Here is an interesting extract from a consumers report released by EyeForTravel. The report was the result of surveying and interviewing more than 8000 people across five different countries. For me the biggest interesting trend was that more and more people actively share travel experiences, recommendations and there whereabouts on Social Media sites. According to the consumer report: “Not only are they actively sharing their ideas, they are also influenced by those of others: 57% of Dutch respondents, for example, said they were influenced by positive user-generated content, according to EyeforTravel’s consumer report. Social media can certainly help our customers to share critical facts about themselves, which is very powerful tool for marketers.  These can be used not only to sell more but also to communicate via a responsive medium. A large number of travel companies are working with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Baidu and Renren to sell travel but harnessing consumer intelligence from the social media interaction will be key.”

Read the full story on www.hotel-online.com.