4 Benefits From A Cloud-Based Hotel Reservation System

A hotel booking system can provide hoteliers with a host of benefits; allowing management of daily operations of a hotel with great ease; completing of multiple tasks simultaneously while at the same time
gaining more revenue. Below are some of the ways how:

  • Enables Real Time Distribution: With a cloud-based hotel booking system your bookings and rates are updated instantly across all of your distribution channels. Through automation hoteliers have better control over their business. Room inventory to various booking channels such as OTAs, GDSs, own website, mobile platforms etc. are all automatically updated, end-to-end, in real time. The automated nature of a cloud-based hotel booking system not only distributes inventories to several channels saving time and increasing efficiency but also helps you manage them with complete peace of mind. Which leads us nicely to our next point.
  • Reduces Errors: With a cloud-based hotel booking system hoteliers can easily manage all inventory and channels via one interface and one platform. This helps to simplify operations, reduces errors and ensures that issues such as double or overbooking are eliminated. A cloud-based hotel booking system does not allow double bookings, making the reservation process not only more efficient, but reliable.
  • Improves Guest Reservations: An integrated booking system allows information to be synced via all systems, centralizing and organizing reservations and guest information in one place for fast access and easy management, and the automation of reservations, in real time, keeps track of bookings and guest information resulting in increased accuracy. With a single view capability hotels can access and leverage rich guest data such as time of reservation, channel, guest preferences etc. providing greater opportunities to increase revenues and provide a higher guest experience.
  • Simplifies Operations: Coordination between and across hotel departments is essential for smooth operations and for the successful delivery of a superior service to guests. With a hotel booking system staff get a quick snapshot of current room status and tasks can be assigned efficiently. Housekeeping can update rooms that are ready for check in, the front desk can in turn inform which rooms have been checked out and easily allocate available rooms to incoming guests. Similarly, hoteliers can manage several reservation tasks simultaneously such as individual and/or group check-ins and check-outs, confirm reservations, upgrades, cancellations – all at the same time. Ultimately, an organized approach allows hoteliers to have a strong focus on guest experience and attract repeat visitors.

All in all, hotel booking systems are extremely easy to use; they simplify operations, expand your reach, helping you to maximize revenues and increase guest satisfaction.

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