Product Description

D-EDGE provides interconnected or “à la carte” Cloud-based solutions to maximize the global distribution strategy of hotels.

Why This Product?

  • Fundamentals pillars for our clients :
  • Easiness (user-friendly interface, dedicated UX designers)
  • Reliability (6,5 M€ invested in the R&D, GDRPR & PCI compliant)
  • Customer Proximity (a local presence in more than 100 countries
  • local support in 22 countries, online help available 24/7)
  • Connectivity ecosystem of +350 partners

Who Uses This?

Every accommodation provider from independent hotel, small hotel groups to domestic or multinational chains.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Availability and rates updated in real-time – No risk of overbooking 2 ways
  • XML connectivity with distribution partners – Reach new markets and boost your online visibility with our network of local and certified partners (+350)
  • Automatic Bookings integration Channel Pools – Regroup channels upon the hotel’s criteria and get managed all at once
  • Automated planning management on any given period
  • Self Mapping – Allow the hotels to update their mapping on their own PCI-DSS & GDPR compliant


Product Description

The most comprehensive, automated cloud communication​ and A.I. decision-making solutions, made easy for hotels and guests. Ameniti answers texts, phone calls and voice search inquiries on a single platform to provide excellent service, promote sales and reduce costs. The operational side is just as comprehensive, inclu​ding automatic ticketing and rea​l-time analysis, along with automated decision-making that uses data to optimize results. 

Why This Product?

World-class Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning ensure the best understanding and contextual answers. Ameniti is comprehensive and modular, with no technical expertise required to implement the full suite in just one week. 

Who Uses It?

Ameniti targets the hospitality market, with a customer base of small to medium-sized hotels and hospitality groups in the boutique lifestyle and luxury segments 

Key Features/Benefits

Our products offer conversational, automated communication between hotels and guests. With Ameniti, automation answers the majority of inquiries from guests and potential guests, with a seamless transfer to the right staff member only when necessary. We give hotels the tools they need to provide better service while cutting costs. Ameniti’s operations solutions automate and streamline processes, while using everyday data to inform and optimize decision-making. 

  • A single, all-channel communication platform 

  • Instant, consistent all-channel answers 

  • Natural Language Processing for superior understanding 

  • Machine Learning: accuracy and continuous improvement 

  • A.I. Sentiment Analysis 

  • Automation with handover to the right staff when required 

  • Escalation management 

  • IoT Automation 

  • In-room (with physical assistants) 

  • From anywhere (all-channel) -All-channel Geolocalization with optional BLE Beacons for vertical locations

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See Complete List of Integrations

View our complete integrations list, from point of sale to payment gateways to central reservation systems to PBS systems, we’ve got it all!

Merchant Link

Product Description

Merchant Link provides a payment gateway for credit cards and other payment types with a reliable, state-of-the-art connection to route transactions from the point-of-sale or property management system to your processor.

Why This Product?

  • Industry-leading “One Call Solves All” support, assisting you with any issue, regardless of where it occurs in the transaction life cycle, eliminating time spent tracking down resolution.

  • Rejected Batch Recovery System that proactively alerts us if a batch is not processed so we can fix and resubmit it, ensuring you get funded on-time and avoid late batch fees.

  • Support from our Financial Resolution Team for transaction or batch issues, even if it means rekeying an entire batch. On average, we help customers reclaim $7 million in otherwise unrecoverable funds each year.

Who Uses This?

Software providers in numerous industries, including hospitality, retail, F&B, ecommerce, lodging, gaming, and many more.

Key Features & Benefits

Increase Operational Efficiency

The Merchant Link Payment Gateway sends payments fast, while detecting and correcting errors along the way.

  • Our Duplicate Transaction Prevention System helps prevent expensive chargeback fees.

  • Our direct connection to American Express expedites payment while lowering processing costs.

  • Our easy-to-use, web-based reporting solution allows you to view and manage all credit card activity at an enterprise level.

Improve Data Security and PCI Compliance

Backed by Merchant Link’s 100% hosted architecture, you can move away from a premise-based credit card interface. A centrally hosted or cloud-based solution removes the need for additional third party hardware or software products and has the ability to remove sensitive cardholder data completely from the merchant’s IT infrastructure. This type of implementation minimizes the merchant’s cardholder data environment (CDE), enhancing security while reducing PCI burden and cost.

Canary Technologies

Product Description

Canary Technologies’ Digital Authorization is a a secure method for your guests to provide credit card billing information for their friends or employees. Capture third party credit card authorization in a PCI compliant manner

Why This Product?

Each guest can be sent a unique link to collect the needed credit card data for you to process authorizations and billing.

Who Uses This?

All hotel segments.

Key Features

  • Secure PCI compliant Credit Card Authorizations.

  • Send each guest a unique link that lets them enter their credit card information through a secure online form.

  • Your team gets an email notification when an authorization request is complete.

  • Canary’s web dashboard shows details of each authorization, making it a breeze to track authorizations over time.


Product Description

Nuvola is a single-destination, cloud-based service optimization & guest engagement software system.

Why This Product?

Nuvola was designed and is run by former hoteliers. We have the most comprehensive suite of fully customizable service optimization and guest communication software solutions available on the market, all while providing unlimited users, app downloads, data storage, 24/7 support, and a Customer Success team who can train staff members in multiple languages either in-person or online.

Who Uses This?

Hotels, Resorts and Casinos. Primarily Boutique, Upscale, & Luxury are our primary clients. However, we do service properties ranging from 10 rooms to over 3,000 rooms (branded and independent).

Key Features

Below is a list of our modules that may be used on desktop/laptop, smartphones, and tablets (iOS and Android):

  • Service Request/Work Order Management
  • Pass-On Logbooks Package Handling Lost/Found Glitch (guest complaints mgmt)
  • Inspections Housekeeping (daily room cleaning & productivity tracking)
  • Maintenance (PM & asset management)
  • Inventory Management
  • Reports
  • Statistics
  • Concierge
  • Luggage Handling
  • Guest Chat (SMS Texting)
  • White-Label Guest App
  • Amazon Alexa for Hospitality
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Digital Key Integration (Directly with AssaAbloy and 3rd Party via OpenKey)


Product Description

For-Sight Guest Engagement is a Marketing and Hotel CRM solution designed to enhance your guest experience by driving direct bookings, enhancing your data and maximising your marketing.

Our solution harvests data from your Property Management System (PMS) and other core transactional hotel systems including Point of Sale, Reputation Management and Wifi registration to name a few. It then consistently assimilates information to create a central source of truth for each guest and their journey through every hotel touchpoint.

Why This Product?

With For-Sight you can unleash the full potential of the data locked within your PMS and other core systems to unlock the guest journey. Our innovative CRM and Marketing suite allows hospitality businesses to increase their direct bookings, revenue and guest engagement by delivering a personalized guest experience and targeted Marketing.

Who Uses?

Key Features

  • Query: Run deep dive queries on your data with our easy to use and intuitive Query Engine. Save and schedule regular queries to save you time.

  • Segment: Segment your data to allow you to deliver personalised omnichannel communications to your guests, enhancing their experience and driving upsell opportunities.

  • Enhance: Delivering a personalised guest experience not only encourages brand loyalty and direct bookings but also delivers greater ROI on your marketing and less reliance on OTAs.

  • Automate: Design and create powerful and personalised automated marketing based on your queries and segments or triggered by time stamp or events such as check-in.

  • Analyse: Visualise and report on your campaigns, guest data and performance with our powerful reporting suite. Take action on key metrics and make informed decisions based on hard data and results.


Product Description

Whether in numerous ski huts or even in the Congo or on the Seychelles, tourists pay at Vectron POS systems. The proprietary, highly flexible software is not just reliable, but also minimally susceptible to viruses and hacker attacks – and fewer failures reduce operating costs. At the same time, maximum connections to digital services and additional data backup are possible via the cloud. The best of both worlds.  

Why This Product?

Vectron not only manufactures POS system hardware, it also develops the point of sale software itself. And that means the whole POS solution comes from a single supplier, ensuring the optimum interplay of hardware and software.

Who uses This?

POS program for bakeries and all hospitality segments.

Key Features

  • Stable, fast and easy-to-install software with flexible, cross-sector functions
  • Special support for hospitality, bakeries, retail trades, dry cleaners, etc.
  • Individual permissions for operators, menu items and functions
  • Intuitive operation through user specific layouts and icons
  • Comprehensive media support for EC-Cash, direct-debiting etc.
  • Extensive reports and user-optimised journals
  • Time & attendance data available
  • Flexible printer control also for network printers with switch-over options and automatic forwarding in case of error
  • Support for scanners, card readers, drink dispensing systems, etc.
  • Extensive possibilities for back office connections through open interfaces
  • Network-capable – also in combination with other Vectron POS systems
  • Remote maintenance and troubleshooting via remote data transfer