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Product Description

The hospitality SaaS platform for Casting, TV, WiFi & Mobile. Easier for your hotel brand. More enjoyable for your guests.

Why This Product?

As the only solution which is entirely cloud-based, Nevaya’s platform offers more reliability, capacity and pace for your operation.

Who Uses This?

100s of hotels in over 30 countries for some of the world’s largest hotel groups.

Key Features

One adaptable portal for fast and easy control.

  • Real-time visibility and control of all properties, including advertising
  • Chromecast, WiFi + Smart TV health-check monitoring
  • User permission hierarchy

Guests can enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu and thousands more media apps on your guest room TV.

  • No on-site proxy server
  • Available on any TV with HDMI port
  • Auto-pairing of Apple + Android devices via WiFi

Contactless engagement for added reassurance. Engage guests directly on their own device to increase interaction and revenue.

  • Progressive Web App for zero download
  • Real-time control of TV from guest device
  • Digital storefronts including in-room dining

Manage your brand with consistency across multiple properties via digital guest directory, advertisements and many additional features on your in-room guest TVs.

  • Comprehensive system for Samsung or LG Smart Hotel TVs
  • Update communications across your entire system within seconds
  • Personalized and multi-lingual, including Chinese and Arabic

Nevaya’s platform offers an open API to easily integrate with your current operating systems for a seamless and extended service.

  • PMS integration for personalised guest experience
  • GRMS integration for room control
  • REST API integration for real time control

Our highly flexible and adaptable WiFi service allows you to adapt your connectivity to suit your changing business needs.

  • Consistent WiFi experience for your guests
  • Auto-pairing for seamless casting and guest app engagement
  • Customised UI


Product Description

Revenue Insight is the business intelligence platform that unlocks the potential of your PMS data, delivering lightning-fast, actionable insights so you can confidently make better revenue decisions.

Why This Product?

Make better, faster decisions with dynamic hotel PMS analytics and unlock your revenue potential.

Who Uses This?

50,000 independent, local and global chain properties and management companies in 168 countries.

Key Features/Benefits

Spend more time on revenue management and optimisation, and less time compiling data.

  • Put an end to the daily battle of extracting data out of your hotel’s PMS and manipulating it in complex spreadsheets – Revenue Insight’s online dashboard displays up-to-date figures.
  • Spend more time analysing trends, strategising for the upcoming day, week, month and taking fast action.

Easy access to portfolio-level performance for cluster-level and above property revenue managers in charge of multiple hotels.

  • Review aggregated KPIS to monitor hotels’ overall performance and momentum.
  • Start with the most critical insights and focus on low performing properties, thanks to the hotel ranking functionality.
  • The multi-property dashboard offers the same key details (i.e. segment, agency, company, etc.) with dynamic filtering.
  • Drill down to spot opportunities or risk at the multi-property level with ease.

Unlock your PMS data and identify revenue opportunities in a user-friendly hotel business intelligence dashboard.

  • Monitor your hotel’s performance against your budget targets by interacting with your past and future PMS data in a truly dynamic platform.
  • Combine revenue insights with Rate Insight’s industry leading rate intelligence to understand how pricing affects your performance and whether it’s a lever you can optimize further.

Improve your revenue by analysing your performance insights and the impact of your pricing decisions using the latest BI technologies.

  • Revenue Insight converts your revenue data into business intelligence by making it actionable.
  • Compare actuals and on-the-books with previous time periods, booking windows, pick-up trends and analyse your revenue KPIs.
  • Combine a wide range of indicators such as rate codes, channels, room types and immediately understand where and how you can drive revenue.

Empower all your business teams with free access to your hotel’s real-time revenue insights.

  • Hotel revenue intelligence goes beyond revenue managers. A user-friendly UI makes Revenue Insight a true cross-departmental platform.
  • Sales teams monitor agency or corporate performance, preparing for contract negotiations armed with the right data.
  • Distribution teams monitor channel performance to quickly spot marketing opportunities and schedule data-driven campaigns.
  • Display the big picture to management teams and drill down into granular hotel data.


Product Description

Tripleseat is a catering and event management web-based platform for restaurants, hotels, and unique venues that will increase sales and streamline the booking process.

Why This Product?

Tripleseat enables restaurants, hotels and unique venues to book more catering, group business, increase sales without increasing your workload.

Who Uses This?

Hotels, venues, and restaurants who do group bookings.

Key Features

Simplify the group sales process.

  • Easily manage group rates and room blocks with Guest Room Control (GRC)
  • Keep up with all your contacts and accounts with an integrated CRM
  • Enable your team to speed up prospecting and close business faster

Improve operational efficiency.

  • Give your entire team insight into open availability, group bookings and upcoming events
  • Automatically record group room reservations through our PMS integration
  • Grant permission-based access to an unlimited number of users

Use past insights to make smarter decisions.

  • Track GRC data with robust and customizable reporting capabilities
  • Stay on top of sales numbers to see how business is pacing
  • Keep up with all your bookings and report on revenue in an instant

MyCheck, Shiji Group

Product Description

MyCheck drives improved guest experience through integrated payment solutions for hospitality companies. From channel management for payment systems to customized applications.

Why This Product?

MyCheck’s solutions drive better guest experience through seamlessly integrated payment solutions. In many ways it is like a channel manager for payment systems, connecting a hotel and restaurants systems to almost any payment gateways and acquirers. Going beyond just connections, MyCheck works with hospitality companies to build end-to-end solutions including custom mobile applications and more.

Who Uses This?

Hotel groups and chains around the world.

Key Features/Benefits

One-Click Payment to booking

  • MyCheck enables customers to add, store and manage multiple payment methods in a branded digital wallet fully integrated to your existing CRM & loyalty programs.

One Touch Point

  • A single payment integration partner for hospitality systems CRM, CRS, Loyalty systems, PMS, POS, and third-party apps.

Seamless Solution

  • Stay ahead of the curve with a wide and expanding range of payment integrations and upgrades that seamlessly integrate across systems.

Data & Security

  • Data security is paramount. MyCheck is both General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and  PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.

Seamless Integrations

  • MyCheck integrates into 27 different POS systems and requires no special hardware or terminals. Built with data-security in mind, MyCheck aligns brands with ever-changing regulatory and compliance standards. 


Product Description

Marketing Automation that’s Intelligent & Personal. Automate and deliver personalized emails to the right people at the right time. Easily segment and nurture your existing demand with powerful list management, lifecycle email marketing, stay communications, and real-time collaboration with your call center.

Why This Product?

Manage, send and compare insights on marketing campaigns and stay communications to know what’s driving demand and bookings. The NAVIS Marketing suite integrates with your current PMS so you can see the real dollar value of those campaign leads and your true ROI. Empower your team to make better business decisions with NAVIS Marketing.

Who Uses This?

Sales, marketing, reservations

Key Features

Integrated List Management

Stop the exporting and uploading. The NAVIS Marketing Suite’s dynamic list management tools automatically merges and updates your lead and guest data.

  • Single-record householding for family members
  • Automatically scrub against future bookings
  • Recognize guest behaviors and preferences

Quick and Easy to Use Email Templates

Create beautiful emails in minutes using our drag and drop editor. No HTML skills required! You can quickly create messages with images, text, and call-to-action buttons to send targeted emails that deliver results!

  • Drag and drop templates for easy and timely communications
  • Automated messages for ongoing guest touches

Intelligent Stay Communications

Integrate with your PMS to generate beautiful, personalized stay communications pre, during and post-arrival to ensure they have a wonderful stay.

  • Integrate with your existing PMS
  • Take the burden off of your reservations agents
  • Facilitate upsells
  • Increase repeat stays

Nurture New and Repeat Stays

Dramatically increase new and repeat bookings by programming personalized follow-up emails to all ‘not-booked’ reservation inquiries. And, automatically reach out to past guests with perfectly timed communications that drive repeat visits.

  • Integrate with your existing PMS
    Increase repeat stays
    Improve guest-stay communications


Product Description

NCR Aloha POS Everything you need to run your restaurant in one powerful POS platform. Purpose-built for full-service, quick service, and everything in between.

Why This Product?

  • Never lose a transaction
  • Secure payments of all types, including contactless
  • Durable hardware
  • Over 200 third-party integrations
  • Mobile POS capabilities
  • Robust, end-to-end restaurant management platform 
  • Personalized customer phone and onsite support services
  • #1 rated by restaurant staff
  • Backed by 35,000 employees
  • Global-ready
  • Over 135 years of experience helping businesses
  • Expert NCR and multivendor technology support enabled by 20,000 service professionals worldwide

Who Uses This?

All restaurant and outlet segments from full-service to quick service.

Key Features

Use a mix of both fixed and mobile POS stations, depending on your business operations.  From enforcing your business rules automatically to ensuring accurate sales tax calculations, we’ve got you covered.

  • Designed for all restaurant concepts – table service, quick service, fast casual and bars
  • Supports complex combo, pizza and wing functionality
  • Supports suggestive sales prompting, conversational ordering, items configured with forced modifiers, nested modifiers, tip share and creation of multiple revenue centers
  • Mobile version of the software available on iOS and Android devices

Contactless dine-in

  • Print QR code that can be affixed to a table, your door or in parking spaces for curbside
  • Guests easily and securely scan the QR code with their own smartphone to open a check, place an order and pay – all without touching anything
  • Tipping is easy with suggested gratuity percentages or the option to add a custom tip available for the guest to choose
  • After payment, a receipt is emailed to the guest and gives you the ability to collect their contact information

Online ordering

  • Access a web portal that shows you detailed views of consumer orders and makes it simple to customize and preview images and font options
  • Create and own your own branded channels to directly connect with your guests
  • Leverage for a single site or multiple locations

Takeout and curbside pickup

  • Manage digital orders through one system – on-the-fly quote time management, integration to Kitchen and capacity management
  • Associate loyalty and payment information with checks to enable customers to earn rewards
  • Enable guests to schedule and hold future orders to automatically move to production – protects future orders from getting lost with automated kitchen scheduling
  • Includes recognition capabilities like caller ID lookup and association of multiple phone numbers/addresses with each customer
  • Direct integration with third party delivery marketplaces

Gift cards and basic loyalty

  • Create basic loyalty programs and easily manage distribution and redemption of physical and digital gift cards
  • Apply real-time promotions on the POS automatically when a reward is earned
  • Configure stored value physical and virtual cards from one location for all stores or at the store level
  • Create basic loyalty program (i.e. points or punches)
  • Track reward milestones like enrollment and birthdays
  • View reporting that tracks enrollment, program details, and ROI

Secure payments & payment devices

  • Accept cash, credit, debit, EMV, EBT, gift cards, RFID and mobile wallet payments
  • Use point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization to enable secure routing of payment data
  • Centrally manage and track payment devices, PIN pads and more
  • Easily add contactless payments via QR codes to your operations

Advanced reporting

  • Includes 380 standard reports and an export builder that enables customization
  • Schedule reports and alerts emailed on a periodic basis
  • Integrates with many accounting packages – QuickBooks, Great Plains, Lawson, MAS 90/200, Solomon, ACCPAC and others
  • Integrates to payroll packages including Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Millennium and others

Data & Analytics

  • Up-to-the-second real-time synch of transaction data between the POS and the mobile management app on your phone
  • Breakdown of net sales by hours, day part, revenue center, category and order mode
  • Scorecard ranking of each employee’s sales, tip averages and other analytics
  • Ability to drill into check level detail on your phone
  • Compare number of guests in your restaurant to the number of staff clocked in for better coverage
  • Compare and contrast sales and labor KPIs across multiple stores with time over time comparisons

Cloud-based Systems Management

  • Update your database on demand in real-time to make immediate menu and item changes
  • Easy and secure one-click access to site systems, configurations and status of resources
  • Enterprise-wide insight and management of all POS, kiosk and back office devices


Product Description

Cloud-based valet software that streamlines parking operations through web, mobile and SMS technology. An easy-to-use, next generation platform for improving efficiency and enhancing customer experience at the valet stand using your own mobile devices.

Why This Product?

Oobeo is a streamlined, subscription based, valet parking software to automate your business and help make the switch to contactless payments.

Who Uses This?

Primarily large hotels and high-end hotels.

Key Features

  • Track employee clock-ins, actions and clock-outs – Create time cards related to locations, including tip declarations and lot fees.
  • Instantly recognize repeat customers – License plates, mobile phone numbers or member ID to identify clients quickly and record time-stamped damage photos to the cloud.
  • All valuable data visible at one glance. Turn on and off fields that are not relevant. – All process lanes feature the search, sort, filter and all relevant vehicle information including parking spot
  • Enhanced reporting & API – Enjoy our standard reports or connect to our secure reporting API. Now you can connect your valet data with your other platforms and systems.
  • Greet hotel guests directly from the hotel PMS or pre-booked reservations
  • Highly Customizable – Edit labels within the interface to suit your existing processes and SOPs