Product Description

SuitePads are digital tablets specifically designed for use in the hotel room. They include a software interface that makes the ordering process easy and simple for hotel guests while also enabling hotels to more easily delegate and organize guest requests.

Why This Product?

SuitePads are designed with input from major hoteliers. Unlike other products that rely on mass produced hardware, SuitePads have been carefully designed and refined to meet the specific requirements of hotel room use. SuitePad user interfaces can be fully customized to meet hotels brand requirements.

Who Uses This?

Hotel owners and hotel chain business owners

Key Features & Benefits

  • Push notifications: Hotel staff can send targeted notifications to guests in their hotel rooms.

  • Order and booking capabilities: Guests can order room service, spa appointments, and book all other hotel services using their in-room tablets.

  • View guest ordering data and statistics: SuitePad backend enables you to view guest ordering data and trends so you can optimize your hotel’s business strategy.

  • SuitePad Phone: A modern phone solution on a SuitePad tablet SuitePad

  • TV Control: SuitePad has inbuilt TV control capabilities, offering a modern take on the traditional TV control


Product Description

HelloShift helps modern hoteliers go digital with Guest Messaging, Staff Collaboration, Housekeeping Management and more.

Why This Product?

HelloShift provides an integrated app so your staff doesn’t have to juggle multiple apps. When all your team communication (guest, staff including maintenance, housekeeping) is in one place, your hotel is transformed into a guest-centric, operationally efficient digital hotel.

Who Uses This Product?

HelloShift helps hotels of all sizes to become digital hotels.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Guest Messaging: Automatically send helpful texts at key points in the guest lifecycle (e.g. Pre/In/Post-Stay)
  • Staff Collaboration: Staff use notes, tasks, and checklists to deliver phenomenal service to guests.

  • Website Chat: Turn website visitors into guests. Over 70% of real-time chats are questions about bookings.

  • Housekeeping Management: Reclaim the hours your team spends on room cleaning management with unprecedented visibility.

  • Preventive Maintenance: Maintain rooms and assets with recurring checklists and custom inspections.

  • Hotel Management: Keep a finger on the pulse of operations and instantly message the whole team. – & More…

Juyo Analytics

Product Description

Juyo is the hotel data analytics and visualization platform that empowers hotel commercial teams to drive the most profitable business.

Why this Product?

  • Our canvas technology empowers you to design your own customized dashboards and interactive analytics.
  • Break departmental silos and work together as one commercial team.
  • Sales, Marketing and Revenue analytics are shared in one central platform.
  • Profit focused approach, by including distribution cost and total revenues in your decision making.

Who Uses This?

Hotel and hotel groups of any size or segment.

Key Features/Benefits

Find the answer to your main commercial questions. Customizable dashboards and interactive analytics give you detailed insights into PMS data:

  • Segments
  • Channels
  • Rate Codes
  • Companies
  • Agencies
  • Room types
  • Source Markets
  • Booking behavior (length of stay, leadtime)
  • Stay Patterns (DOW, occupancy bands)

Put your own performance into context by adding market intelligence to your dashboards:

  • Connect External Data Sources
  • Detect High Demand Periods
  • Monitor Pricing and Reviews
  • Analyze Market Share

Manage your day to day business in Launchpad. A central place to:

  • Build forecasts & budgets
  • Communicate on daily strategies in a dynamic demand calendar

Analyze and forecast your total distribution costs (we take it further then commissions only) Gain insights into:

  • Channel Costs
  • Sales and Marketing Efficiency
  • Measure Net RevPAR
  • Total Revenue Management

Review and compare the performance of your full portfolio. Design your own consolidated analytics for your entire group.

  • Personalized dashboards and interactive analytics
  • Build flexible clusters based on region, brand or any other criteria

Fuel Travel

Product Description

Manage online inventory for one or multiple properties with the Fuel Booking Engine. This easy-to-use reservation platform provides guests with the most integrated and mobile-friendly experience available on the market. The Fuel Booking Engine features real-time data (unit type or key level) including room display, room rates and occupancy pulled directly from StayNTouch.

Why this Product?

Embedded directly in the client’s website domain, direct PMS interface, unit type and key level inventory, guest experience, Google tag manager support, WCAG 2.1, multiple package rates, no commission pricing

Who Uses This?

Independent resort groups and individual properties

Key Features/Benefits

  • Uses your domain not a different URL or subdomain
  • Direct StayNTouch PMS interface
  • Unit type and key level inventory
  • Search Multiple Rate Codes and Multiple Properties
  • Best in class guest experience
  • Built mobile-first Google tag manager support
  • WCAG 2.1 AA Compatibility (ADA Compliant)
  • Specials and Promotions Module
  • Urgency & Social Proof Messaging
  • No commission pricing
  • Unlimited Suppor


Product Description

Guestmeter is a growing guest feedback management software helping the global hospitality industry better understand and improve guest experience and manage reputation. Our skilled guest satisfaction experts develop bespoke technology that provides an easy tool for hospitality professionals to capture, monitor and amplify guest reviews. Guestmeter identifies happy and unhappy guests before they publish negative online reviews and turns your guest experience into more positive reviews on Tripadvisor or Google and other review sites.

Why this Product?

The integration between Guestmeter and StayNTouch allows hoteliers to automatically send guest satisfaction surveys via international SMS or email and get guest feedback during the departure process.

Who uses this?

All hotel types (small, medium large, boutique, resort, independent, chain, etc.), hostels, motels, cruises, restaurants and destinations.

Key Features/Benefits

  • SMS & Email Surveys– Add single or multiple guest names and mobile numbers to send international SMS surveys to get guest feedback. Send embedded email survey invitations to guests with the first survey question in email and get guest feedback instantly.

  • Kiosk Surveys-Take on-site guest feedback via Tablets and Phones. Set up a Guestmeter survey via a kiosk or just hand device in-person.

  • QR Code Surveys-Expand on guest feedback collection methods by using your own branded printable QRs like.

  • Online Reputation Management (ORM) -Identify positive and negative reviews from Tripadvisor, Booking etc.. review sites.

Experience Hotel

Product Description

Experience Hotel is an all-in-one CRM & Marketing solution designed to manage guest database, e-reputation, guest experience, and email marketing campaigns. It emphasizes on strengthening customer relationships by helping staff to ensure a top-quality experience.

With the Customer Satisfaction tool, retrieve your customers’ data in full compliance with the RGPD, personalize their stay thanks to a welcome email with survey to offer them tailor-made services, segment your databases and improve your e-reputation by anticipating negative comments.

The Marketing tool allows you to centralize your databases so that you have a complete and unified view of your customers’ activity, to create your newsletters with an intuitive tool and imagine hundreds of automated scenarios for all the events you consider key. The goal is to build customer loyalty and help you regain control of your customer relationship before, during and after their stay.

Experience Hotel helps to date nearly 1000 hoteliers in their quest for an all-in-one tool, which allows them to respond to all kinds of problems.

Why this Product?

Experience Hotel comes integrated with scads of upsell campaigns for a wide range of offers, including spa treatments, restaurant deals, and room upgrades. It also allows users to set up different campaigns for targetted different things such as nationality, interests, age, etc. It eliminates third-party commission for returning guests by offering an easy re-booking tool which is integrated in-house with the hotel.

Who Uses This?

All hotel segments: Hotels, Groups, Lodges and Campsites.

Key Features/Benefits

  • An email campaign solution designed for hotel managers
  • Analyze and develop your e-reputation
  • Improve Guest experience before, during and after their stay
  • Guest databases centralized, cleaned up and segmented
  • A complete tool to manage the entire customer acquisition process
  • Average turnover of 59 520€ generated by our clients.
d-edge hospitality solutions logo


Product Description

D-EDGE provides interconnected or “à la carte” Cloud-based solutions to maximize the global distribution strategy of hotels.

Why This Product?

  • Fundamentals pillars for our clients :
  • Easiness (user-friendly interface, dedicated UX designers)
  • Reliability (6,5 M€ invested in the R&D, GDRPR & PCI compliant)
  • Customer Proximity (a local presence in more than 100 countries
  • local support in 22 countries, online help available 24/7)
  • Connectivity ecosystem of +350 partners

Who Uses This?

Every accommodation provider from independent hotel, small hotel groups to domestic or multinational chains.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Availability and rates updated in real-time – No risk of overbooking 2 ways
  • XML connectivity with distribution partners – Reach new markets and boost your online visibility with our network of local and certified partners (+350)
  • Automatic Bookings integration Channel Pools – Regroup channels upon the hotel’s criteria and get managed all at once
  • Automated planning management on any given period
  • Self Mapping – Allow the hotels to update their mapping on their own PCI-DSS & GDPR compliant

ameniti logo


Product Description

The most comprehensive, automated cloud communication​ and A.I. decision-making solutions, made easy for hotels and guests. Ameniti answers texts, phone calls and voice search inquiries on a single platform to provide excellent service, promote sales and reduce costs. The operational side is just as comprehensive, inclu​ding automatic ticketing and rea​l-time analysis, along with automated decision-making that uses data to optimize results. 

Why This Product?

World-class Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning ensure the best understanding and contextual answers. Ameniti is comprehensive and modular, with no technical expertise required to implement the full suite in just one week. 

Who Uses It?

Ameniti targets the hospitality market, with a customer base of small to medium-sized hotels and hospitality groups in the boutique lifestyle and luxury segments 

Key Features/Benefits

Our products offer conversational, automated communication between hotels and guests. With Ameniti, automation answers the majority of inquiries from guests and potential guests, with a seamless transfer to the right staff member only when necessary. We give hotels the tools they need to provide better service while cutting costs. Ameniti’s operations solutions automate and streamline processes, while using everyday data to inform and optimize decision-making. 

  • A single, all-channel communication platform 

  • Instant, consistent all-channel answers 

  • Natural Language Processing for superior understanding 

  • Machine Learning: accuracy and continuous improvement 

  • A.I. Sentiment Analysis 

  • Automation with handover to the right staff when required 

  • Escalation management 

  • IoT Automation 

  • In-room (with physical assistants) 

  • From anywhere (all-channel) -All-channel Geolocalization with optional BLE Beacons for vertical locations

Learn more about Ameniti.