September 21 2012
Posted in: Mobile PMS

The “stay” (i)n stayNtouch…

stayNtouch as mentioned in my first post has a focus on hotel technology and wants to help making the stay of guests more enjoyable. How can hotels make the guests stay more enjoyable and seamless in a time of rapid changing technology. That’s one of the questions I will constantly try to answer on this website.

If I stay in a hotel, I want to have access to ONLY the technology I need…. which to me really means that I would like to see a hotel in which my own devices integrate seamlessly. From my own device I want to have access to hotel services that go beyond the ability to check in or set up a wake up call. When looking at available technologies today to provide for this, it soon becomes clear that hoteliers face a huge problem with guests like me. Why? It’s expensive to purchase self service solutions, it’s difficult to integrate them with the hotel’s legacy PMS.

Another aspect is the growing buzz around social engagement during the guests stay… how can a hotel deal with that.

The “stay” (i)n stayNtouch is about technology ideas, suggestions and opportunities for the hotel’s staff and guests to provide for a very pleasant hotel stay.

Through this website I’ll continuously be looking for solutions that may help hotels to serve guests like me in an affordable and seamless manner.