Why Your Hotel PMS Should Be The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A Property Management Systems (PMS) serves as the heart and soul of your hotel. Originally hotels first installed a PMS so that they could manage their reservations/guests but as guest expectations continue to change and the technology that surrounds the industry keeps evolving, there is now an obligation for the hotel PMS to do so much more.

A PMS now needs to be highly stable, have the functionality you need to run your operations smoothly and effectively and not only be able to integrate and talk to all of the current systems in place but also the plethora of new platforms that will require connectivity in the future. But, with rapidly growing hotel operations and increased guest technological demands the traditional on premise PMS has tried its best, but has not been able to keep up. Many legacy systems are now a fine patchwork of different technologies for different purposes stitched together. The result? An entangled mess making it a complex and cumbersome system to use.

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However, if you are looking for gift ideas this Christmas, look no further than a SaaS PMS. With the introduction of a SaaS PMS hoteliers now have the chance to grow at the same speed as the industry and guest demands, and with increased agility and responsiveness that comes with the cloud, a SaaS PMS is flexible to handle new technologies as they arise. It provides needs-specific functionality, for a relatively low cost, that can be implemented rapidly and will scale with the needs of the business.

One of great gifts of a SaaS PMS is when it comes to integrations; implementing a SaaS solution can happen without disrupting day-to-day business. It easily integrates and communicates simply with other systems, seamlessly sharing information needed to flow between all of the technology systems needed to properly operate a modern hotel. It integrates easily with existing investments, rather than displacing them; it can scale indefinitely to meet customer demand and without incurring additional infrastructure or staffing costs; and many SaaS providers offer customization capabilities to meet specific needs.

With a fully integrated PMS comes a glut of advantages;

  • With seamlessly data exchange between various applications in and out of the PMS, hoteliers have the potential to consolidate and simplify all applications including those used for Sales, Marketing, Guest Facing, POS, front office, etc. helping to optimize hotel operations and support guest services.
  • Integration of all applications in this way provides a 360-degree solution not only allows hoteliers to view and interact with data from all sectors on a single platform but also helps to minimize administration errors and time consumptions.
  • Providing insightful guest data through hotel system integration allows hoteliers to communicate with their guests throughout their entire journey, and use the time between booking and arrival to upsell, build loyalty and add to their experience
  • With the rise of mobile devices and self-service applications, guest expectations have changed as has the demand for services at their fingertips. Adopting a fully integrated SaaS PMS hotels have the ability to keep up with consumer demands and allow guests to manage their journey and their own expectations by offering the choice of mobile check-in, room selection, smartphone room key solutions etc. improving guest engagement and increasing satisfaction.
  • Similarly, with a cloud based PMS, hoteliers are armed with a new level of freedom and a completely different level of control. Staff can assist guests anytime, anywhere enabling them to deliver an enhanced and personalized guest experience anywhere on property.
  • The pinnacle thought of seamless and endless integrations is in its future proofing. Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace as does consumer likes, dislikes and demands, all of which are difficult to predict. What is a clear though is the shift to more cloud-based, tech-driven management is here to stay. Over the coming years, there will be additions and even innovations to cloud systems that further improve on their abilities and if a hotelier wants to connect fresh, innovative and newer platforms to their primary PMS, they can do so easily and with a minimal amount of friction.

In order to stay competitive today and into the future, and to meet the fluid changes in guest expectations hotels need a PMS that can competently support that strategy. Those who choose to hold onto their legacy systems will see the cloud users surpass them. “…If you’re in the market for a better PMS to run your hotel, then buy the future with a SaaS PMS, not the past.” Jos Schaap, CEO – Founder of StayNTouch.

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Sign up for a free demo of our mobile hotel PMS and see how you can start increasing hotel efficiencies

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