The Latest Technologies Transforming the Hotel Experience

Technology has and is evolving, as are consumer expectations. We’ve have become more demanding and expect a more immediate and personalized service no matter what the device or platform. When it comes travel, in particular our hotel stay, we are no longer satisfied with being anonymous occupants but instead expect our experience to become seamless and singular.

A study by Oracle “Hotel 2025” revealed that we’ve become such a demanding bunch that some hotels are literally bending over backwards and will try anything to keep their guest satisfaction rep intact. Some hotel operators have started to experiment with facial recognition software, voice-activated controls, wearable devices, and virtual reality to meet our evolving consumer demands.

While it is true to say that hoteliers who smartly implement new technologies stand to gain a tremendous competitive advantage, increased guest satisfaction, increased revenue opportunities etc. with so many technologies available and continuing to come to the market at a rapid pace, how can hoteliers know which ones to choose. In an article recently featured on Hospitality Technology Michael Innocentin, VP eCommerce & Digital for AccorHotels highlighted 6 technologies he believes that will transform the hotel experience – here are 3 of our favourites;


  • 5G. We already gave it a mention in our “5 Technologies The Hotel Industry Can’t Afford To Ignore” article at the back end of last year and it has to be included at number one on the list again. 5G is the latest iteration of mobile, and while 4G brought us massive data transfer, 5G is 100 times faster and it will bring us true machine-to-machine communication. Although 5G is not expected for mass adoption before 2020 it is coming down the line and when it does it will have far reaching effects for the hospitality industry, it will revolutionize everything from in-room entertainment, how property systems are connected, the list goes on.


  1. IoT: It is thought that by 2020 the number of connected devices on the market could reach 30.7 billion. The opportunities with IoT connected devices are seemingly endless, and while some hoteliers have already begun to dabble in its possible uses it’s clear that there’s plenty of scope for IoT tech in the hospitality sector. With the IoT hotel and travel companies can realize a more personalized guest experience, increased operational efficiency along with some cost savings along the way; as Innocentin puts it in his article “Considering how many thermostats, lightbulbs, and appliances are in the average hotel, the IoT promises to slash costs and improve efficiency”.
  2. Security and Privacy: There is no doubt that the risks associated with data retention and transfer are real and significant. Even a small data breach can devastate even the most established hotel. As consumer uptake of IoT devices continues and with hotel operators eager to embrace connected devices, hoteliers will need to make similar investments in cybersecurity to allay any consumer concerns.

Check out the full article: 6 Technologies that Will Transform the Hotel Experience.

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