The Real-World Advantages Of A Mobile PMS

In a short space of time smartphones have become integral to people’s’ life. We are now used to getting things done in a matter of seconds, whether it is communicating, accessing information, making transactions, ordering food, taxis and so on, we expect to be able to browse, order and pay for goods and services, all at the touch of a finger. Regardless of the industry – banking, retail, travel or hospitality, consumers have adopted an intuitive digital, mobile-first mindset that is only going to grow over time.

Knowing that it’s not surprising to hear that the proliferation of mobile devices within the travel ecosystem is increasingly becoming an essential part of the guest journey. Guests increasingly view their mobile devices as the key to making their entire stay more convenient and perceive mobile as the future of the guest experienceA global study found that 76% of travelers named their mobile device their number one travel accessory, with twice as many people choosing to travel with it than with their loved ones! That’s how much we love our mobile devices!

In today’s age of immediacy, convenience and technological haste, the traditional hotel property management system (PMS) is now no longer relevant to modern-day guests’ lifestyles. Though they may have met the needs of hoteliers in the past, the future favors modern, cloud-based and mobile PMS solutions. Mobilize both back-of-house and guest-facing operations, a hotelier cloud-based PMS helps hoteliers deliver mobile service options that increase guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, and profitability.

Mobility should be a priority for hoteliers – if it isn’t currently on the top of your agenda here are some real-world advantages of a mobile PMS that will make you reconsider.

Mobile Checking-In & Out:

According to Google research, 73% of travelers want to use their mobile device for check-in. Mobile check-in offers convenience allowing guests to skip the queue at the front desk. Not only that but when guests have the option to check-in via their smartphones whether it’s prior to their arrival at the hotel, or via mobile self-serve kiosk, they can confirm personal details and receive access to last-minute room upgrades, add-ons or upsells without feeling pressured. All in all, mobile check-ins are associated with higher levels of customer satisfaction and increase spending!

Mobilize Employees:

Gone are the days where hotel staff need to be chained to their desks – and what’s more, your guests are aware of this! Giving employees from all departments the mobile tools to perform updates and access data away from the front desk can eliminate service issues, long wait times and annoyed guests. Equipped with a mobile device, and a mobile-friendly PMShotel staff can complete a myriad of hotel operations free from the limitations of traditional desktop-confined software. Front office staff can greet guests on arrival, issue mobile room key access, offer add-ons and upgrades, promote in-house services and amenities, complete transactions etc.; a concierge with a mobile device can host guests in the comfort of the lobby, at the pool; and even housekeeping, armed with a mobile device can turn over rooms more quickly and reduce the need for paper management. A centralized, mobile-friendly system not only helps deliver a more personalized service but encourages staff and inter-departmental communications, making operations more efficient.

Mobile Data Access:

Being able to deliver and access real-time data seamlessly is the key to delivering the ultimate in guest service and satisfaction. As the hospitality industry becomes more competitive, the ability of staff to engage with guests and run daily operations on-the-go, anywhere on the property, is essential. By enabling immediate access to view and update pertinent guest and property information in real-time, a mobile PMS empowers hotels of all sizes to reinvent and automate processes, be more responsive, focus on strategic marketing and yield opportunities but most importantly, deliver more personalized service.

This list is by no means exhaustive but these are a few of the real-world advantages to be gained by having a mobile PMS. A mobile PMS empowers hotel managers and employees to make smart choices and serve guests better. Not embracing the available technology is akin to missing opportunities to grow your business. Mobile hospitality is the future of our industry, and it should be at the top of the list.

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