How A PMS Improves Your Hotel’s Operational Efficiency

A hotel property management system (PMS) is effectively the lifeblood of most hotels. Originally it was installed so that hoteliers could manage their reservations but as guest expectations continue to change and the technology that surrounds the industry keeps evolving, there is now an obligation for the hotel PMS to do so much more. Expected to manage all aspects of the hotel business from operations including the delivery of an exceptional guest experiences, the PMS moved from being a simple transactional tool to offer services that extend well beyond the front desk. However, with the right property management system in place, hoteliers can boost operational efficiency, maximise revenue opportunities and increase guest satisfaction. Here’s how:

Automate Tasks With a Cloud Based PMS

Automation: It’s no secret that manual methods are time-consuming, require a lot of effort, (sometimes a lot of paper!), are tedious, labor intensive, are prone to human errors and do not provide management and/or staff with the tools to manage operations effectively.

However with a cloud based hotel PMS hoteliers can automate day-to-day operations in a systematic way. By easily streamline and automate their property’s daily routines they can efficiently manage reservation management, housekeeping, restaurant operation and more, with just a laptop or mobile device and Internet connection. With automation errors are eliminated, operations are executed flawlessly and staff time is freed up allowing them to concentrate on other important tasks and/or spend more time interacting and better serving the guest.

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Real Time Access to Business Intelligence

Accessibility: Time is an incredibly valuable currency, especially in the hospitality world and as we all know, corrective measures are more meaningful when addressed now, rather than later. However, too often, data is often reviewed in historical context, rather than as a real time management tool.

With a cloud based hotel PMS hoteliers have real time access to critical business information allowing them to make on the spot decisions; they have the ability to connect and distribute online room inventor; access rate control and flexibility, advanced rate management, yield management, rate and stay restrictions etc. from a single point dashboard therefore allowing them to easily create, control and sell the right rates and packages at the right time to the right customers.

Not only that but hoteliers can respond more quickly to requests and track and close work orders electronically – all in real time. At any given point in time, both management and staff can track and view the status of all hotel operations helping to avoid any confusion, discrepancy or miscommunications. A tool such as this has the potential to increase room attendant productivity by 20%, eliminate 80% of calls made to the front office and also has the potential to cut 50% of operational costs.

Stay Flexible with a Mobile Property Management System

Mobility: Mobile devices are part and parcel of our everyday and it is should be no surprise that they have become critical business tools in many industries. With a mobile based PMS hotels can gain great operational advantage providing them with greater performance management, productivity and guest satisfaction. Armed with a mobile device, employees are no longer tied to their workplace and have the ability to manage as easily from a distance as they do “up close and personal”; they have the flexibility to be in multiple places at the same time and efficiently run services and operations of their hotel remotely and they can complete the entire guest check-in process curbside and/or while escorting them to their room while at the same time enhancing the guest experience.

On many levels, mobile is now essential to the continued success of any hotel. It not only allows hoteliers to run a highly efficient back-end operation but they also empower employees to go above and beyond when providing a personalized guest service.

Invest in a User-Friendly PMS

Usability: The lifeblood of every business is its’ employees and employee happiness directly influences guest experience and happiness. When it comes to hotels, its’ staff are among its most valuable assets.

Older PMS’ can be incredibly cumbersome to use and extremely time consuming to learn. Employees that use complex systems with cumbersome designs hamper their productivity, cause frustration and can even diminish job satisfaction! The more intuitive and user-friendly a system is to use the more staff members at all levels will feel comfortable and empowered using the tools and technology available to them to excel at their jobs and deliver world-class guest service. It will enable them to work better and smarter and to complete tasks efficiently.

Using a cloud hotel PMS can help achieve operational efficiency; it reduces labour intensive duties, can get the job done with minimum operational overhead and as an indirect consequence increase your guest experience and improve the perception of your brand.

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Sign up for a free demo to see how our hotel mobile PMS increases operational efficiency.

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