Now is the time to invest in ‘mobile-first’ real estate tech!

Hotels are all about real estate! Here is a great article on real estate related technologies, posted on VentureBeat by Sean Jacobson of Emergence Capitol Partners.

Real estate is a $1 trillion asset class, second largest to corporate debt and ahead of equity. In addition, there are millions of professionals employed in the real estate industry: 2.8 million agents and 500,000 construction professionals as well as 120 million commercial and multi-family properties managed. Nearly all of these professionals are using overly complicated technology that is 10 to 20 years old. Hotels are no exception…. “Finally, hotels can manage operational staff and guest relations with solutions such as StayNTouch and PurpleCloud Technologies”.. read more.

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See how StayNtouch’s Cloud PMS, Guest Mobility, and Guest Kiosk solutions deliver better results for hotels through better front & back of house communication, increased mobile touch-points, more revenue and operational efficiency, and unlimited interfaces.

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