November 09 2012
Posted in: Self service

Mobile Device Trends

If you ever wondered whether you should build your hotel mobile presence as native app or mobile web (app)… here is the answer: mobile owners in the US prefer (native) apps, they are spending 81% more time in their apps as suppose to the web.

The same consumer when “on the go” 68% uses a smartphone, while at home (or possibly in the hotel room) they will pickup their tablet.

Last but certainly not least… make sure your app has ample space for some in-house promotion add’s ideally targeted to the guest IN the hotel. Here’s why:

  1. when the ad is locally relevant,
  2. when it offers local coupons/promotions,
  3. features a known brand,

With those 3 points in place, 2 out of 3 guests will notice the ad, and 1 in 3 will result in a click.

These are some great statistics, to justify a mobile app strategy focused on guests IN house build on native apps. (Data and Infographic published by Telmetrics.)