[LISTEN To The Podcast] Why It’s Imperative Hotels Make the Jump to a Cloud PMS

Advice on selecting the right property management software

With the emergence of hotel technology trends  in the hotel industry, mobile is creating a paradigm shift from the more traditional on-premise PMS based models to new cloud based PMSs. However, while this concept is becoming more prevalent throughout the hospitality industry, many hoteliers have been dependant on, on-premise PMSs for a long time, a system that makes up the backbone of their business, and are not convinced about making any such changes.

In the first of a series, our premiere podcast sees StayNTouch’s Founder and CEO, Jos Schaap focus on why hoteliers need to reconsider the system they already have in place and why is it important for them to make the jump from on premise PMS to cloud based PMS that provides the functionality that is required today to meet the demands of the new mobile enabled guest.

We talk about the many operational advantages; from security and stability to easy of use, the systems flexibility to adapt to new technologies and it’s accessibility. The financial gains; it’s ability to easily connect and integrate with multiple systems and it’s capacity to manage guest data allow for easier upselling of products and services. And guest satisfaction; how technology can enhance the guest service component, drive greater customer experience and engagement, and increase overall satisfaction.

In summary, here are 5 key take-a-ways you will get from listening to our first podcast;
1. How an on-premise hotel PMS has become out-dated and is now hurting the bottom line for hotels
2. Why your hotel is more secure in the clouds than in a back room somewhere
3. The most important factor/feature of a mobile PMS
4. How a cloud PMS cuts costs and increases revenue for hotels
5. How a mobile PMS actually increases the engagement between guests and staff and helps to build customer loyalty

Listen to our podcast now!

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