January 23 2013
Posted in: Self service

StayNTouch on techcrunch.com

As part of an article on Acceleprise StayNTouch got a nice mentioning on techcrunch.com, here is an extract of the article:

” StayNTouch has two co-founders, each with more than 20 years experience in the hospitality industry. StayNTouch is rethinking the interaction between the hotel and their guests using a single cloud-based solution that manages all on-property touch points, both for the hotel staff and the guests.”

“Acceleprise is demonstrative of a new startup culture emerging that is quickly growing. Investors are looking beyond the consumer world for startups that can disrupt the legacy providers with services that leverage cloud infrastructures and the need to get work done faster, be more productive and more connected. Further, businesses are trying to solve problems with more than ever before. All in all it adds up to being a strong year for enterprise startups as they exploit the changing enterprise landscape.”

Please go to techcrunch.com to read the full article.