How to Keep Connected with Guests in an Age of Technology

In today’s online world, there are more ways than ever to stay connected with your customers. The hospitality industry is all about providing a positive accommodation experience, and technology can help make this happen. While some may see increased tech use as a sign of decreased human interaction, when used wisely, technology actually can bring people together. In this post, we’ll explore the ways that your hotel can stay connected with its guests through the proper use of new technology.

Utilize Customer Service Chat

Online chat is the preferred mode of communication for many customers, especially those who are tech-savvy. When you expand the available channels for customers to get in touch with you, they’ll be able to communicate using their preferred method. This increases customer satisfaction overall and allows you to more swiftly address any issues or concerns that may arise.

In this day and age, not everyone wants to pick up the phone to dial the front desk. Modern property management systems allow you to keep in touch with customers via mobile apps and communicate in a way that your customers are comfortable. Platforms such as StayNTouch Guest Mobility also allow your guests to check in and out of your hotel via their mobile devices. This helps streamline the customer experience and provide a more convenient check-in process for hotel staff and guests alike.

Stay Active on Social Media

A strong social media presence is one of the best ways to stay connected with your guests. Your success on social media, however, largely depends on how much you stay engaged with your customers. Thanking users for positive reviews and responding to their concerns shows them that you care and helps build brand loyalty. In addition, you can engage with other businesses to come up with unified social media strategies. For example, your hotel can partner with a local restaurant to offer promotional package deals.

Personalize Your Guest Experience

Virtually every industry is transitioning towards increased personalization for consumers. The accommodation industry is no exception. Offering a personalized guest experience and be what makes an average stay an extraordinary one, and technology is making it possible for hotels to automate the personalization process. Beyond asking visitors about what they like to see in your hotel, IOT devices can be used to automatically learn about visitor preferences and deliver uniquely tailored guest experiences.

Smart devices are opening up a new world of potential when it comes to guest personalization. Smart thermostats can be used to learn the preferred temperature for a particular guest, and automatically be adjusted before future check-ins. Imagine a personalized hotel room that knows exactly what temperature the customer wants, which channels they like to see on the TV, and even which room service products they are likely to order.

In the past, such a personalized guest experience was only possible if you personally knew who was checking in. Now, technology makes it possible to capture a broader perspective about who your guests are and what can make their experience special. In the near future, hotels will be using customer data from past visits, coupled with next generation property management systems, to offer a guest experience that is unique to each visitor.

Offer Self-Service Kiosks

Adding self-service kiosks to your lobby allows customers to skip the lines at the front desk and pick up their key directly. This enables your employees to focus on providing more conversation-based customer service while they automate the more mundane tasks. Smart kiosks such as the StayNTouch Guest Kiosk allow you to greatly improve operational efficiency in a way that matches the style of your lobby in your hotel brand as a whole. You can also collect customer emails as needed, so you can continue to stay in touch with them, throughout their stay and beyond.

A Virtual Visit?

Some hotels are exploring virtual reality as a way to set their guest experiences apart. In-room virtual reality setups can be used to virtually transport your guests to locations around the globe or provide unique entertainment. VR can also be used to showcase hotel amenities before the visitor steps foot on the property. Imagine a prospect being able to look around one of your rooms or your lobby facilities remotely from the comfort of their home!

Tech to Stay Connected

With all the technological advances emerging in the accommodation industry, there are more ways than ever to set your hotel apart from the competition. When used wisely, technologies such as smart devices and personalized offerings can be used to more deeply connect customers with your brand and offer experiences that they’ll be sure to remember for years to come. Modern property management systems such as StayNTouch enable your hotel brand to be ready for the oncoming developments in customer connection and digital transformation.

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