Implementing Messaging For Your Hotel and Guests

In today’s connected world, there are a plethora of mediums fighting for your guests’ attention. Third parties can often influence and engage guests during a guest’s stay, but it’s ultimately up to your hotel to ensure your guests are taken care of around the clock. By implementing a Guest Messaging Platform (GMP), your hotel can once again become the guest’s main point of contact. Hoteliers have found that guest messaging provides them with exponential levels of engagement and increases service recovery opportunities, both of which result in higher guest satisfaction.

An Integrated Experience

The optimal Guest Messaging Platforms for your hotel should include an integration with your Property Management Systems (PMS). Integration partners provide a seamless experience for both your hotel and your guests. From guest recognition, to consolidated profiles and automated messaging, an excellent Guest Messaging Platform leverages its PMS partner and extends additional functionality and tools to you.

Impactful Engagement

By adopting messaging, you can be certain that your hotel will begin interacting with a larger portion of your guests. 9 out of 10 consumers globally want to use messaging to talk to businesses, and your hotel is no exception!

  • It’s easy! – Messaging is intuitive and preferred by your guests and your staff.
  • It’s manageable! – Your team can interact with 3-5x more guests through messaging than any other channel (e.g. phone calls, in-person).
  • It’s always available! – Guests can send and receive messages wherever they may be.

Service Recovery

Hoteliers live to please, so it’s unbelievably frustrating when guests don’t give you the opportunity to right a wrong. On the high end, reports suggest that only one out of every 26 unhappy guests actually file a complaint. Often times, guests want to forgo the hassle of a face-to-face conflict or filing a formal complaint; other times, they find it easier to leave you a poor online or survey review. Thankfully, messaging provides the informal communication channel that breaks down this barrier, and gives your hotel more opportunities to fully satisfy your guests. By using messaging, some hotels see up to a 24% increase in service recovery opportunities, and as a result, upwards to 15% increases in their guest service scores.

The power of guest data from a PMS, and the convenience of an automated, personalized messaging platform, is a robust combination that is hard to beat. When messaging is viewed as an integral and integrated system, as opposed to another service to manage, it offers real potential to elevate the guest experience.

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