October 04 2012

Big Data and the corporate traveller

Amadeus in a recent post on their blog, hit the nail on the head! Slowly the reluctance to share personal data is fading, as today’s young corporate travelers are now accustomed to sharing many things they do with their friends and colleagues on social sites, opening up many opportunities for hotels to tailor services around those guests. Click on below quote from the Amadeus blog to read the entire post:

“Although there is always an initial reluctance to the use of personal information, today‚Äôs corporate traveler is recognizing the advantages provided under a structured corporate program. Certainly the business travelers of tomorrow, who grew up in the sharing society dominated by Facebook, have already grown accustomed to sharing more information about themselves in exchange for a better, more personalized service experience. This next-generation corporate traveler will demand a tailored experience and capturing and capitalizing on big data makes it possible.”