7 Benefits of a Self-Service Check-In Kiosk

Hotels that take advantage of Kiosk Technology can increase productivity and revenue by streamlining the check-in process. 

—Justin DeRise

Self-serve hotel kiosks have exploded in recent years, offering a variety of benefits for hotel management and guests alike. These kiosks can check guests in and out as well as issue key cards, streamlining the check-in process while freeing up

employees to complete other tasks. Let’s take a look at the primary benefits of modern self-serve hotel kiosks so that you can determine whether they are right for your lobby.


No More Lines

The main benefit that comes to mind when first considering a self-serve kiosk is the ability to cut down on queues at the front desk. Even with minimal hotel staff on hand, kiosks make it easy to address the needs of multiple guests at the time. Your guests are sure to appreciate the streamlined check in and out process —

especially if they are running late. Smart kiosks can check in guests using their names, confirmation numbers, or by scanning an ID. Not only does this provide a more convenient guest experience, but it also improves operational efficiency for your team.


Liberate Your Staff

Self-service kiosks free up your staff from needing to conduct the mundane check-in activities for every guest.

They will then be free to have more meaningful interactions with your guests and address their needs in a personalized way. Face-to-face interactions between

your guests and your staff can then involve topics like advice about the local area, service requests, or just friendly conversation.


Improved Guest Data Use

When your guests input their own data into your kiosks, they are less likely to make mistakes when it comes to spelling or email formatting.

This data can then automatically be registered within your Property Management System and inform other aspects of the guest experience, such as special requirements and room preferences. Your business benefits through the clearer picture this creates of

your guests. This valuable information can be used to improve facilities as well as inform marketing strategies. In addition, you can collect guest emails and other information that they volunteer for promotional purposes.


Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

Whether you’re just looking for a simple self-check-in option or a way for guests to interact with other aspects of their stay, you can use self-service kiosks to help achieve the key business goals of your hotel in an aesthetically pleasing way. You can place kiosks near your front desk, in a casual sitting area, or in any other location where your guests could use a self-serve service.


More Revenue-Generating Opportunities

When guests use your self-serve kiosks, they’ll be able to browse upgrades and extra services at their leisure.

This is an attractive option for guests who would prefer to avoid in-person upselling tactics from your staff. Your kiosks can display a number of upgraded amenity packages which your guests can 

instantly add to their bill. The best part about using a self-serve kiosk as a revenue source is that there are no additional labor costs.


Provide a Personalized Experience

Once a guest logs into your kiosk, they can be addressed in a personalized way.

You can use guest data from your Property Management System to inform the experience that you deliver via your kiosks and deliver a kiosk interaction

that is unique to them. For example, you could use images from their home country as a way to make them feel welcome.


Give Customers a Choice

Even if a guest chooses to talk to your staff rather than use a self-service kiosk, they will still appreciate having the additional options available to them. More than ever, guests like to feel empowered with a range of self-service options. These include features like being able to message the front desk or order room service with an app. Self-service kiosks fit into the greater theme of personalization and on-demand dynamics that drive the modern accommodation industry.

As you can see, self-serve kiosks offer a wide variety of benefits to your hotel. Your employees and your guests will both appreciate the autonomy that kiosks offer, and your overall marketing strategy can be boosted by the analytics that they provide. Keep in mind that not all self-service kiosks are created equal. The StayNTouch Guest Kiosk is the leading choice for hotels looking to provide an optimal self-service experience. These kiosks weave into your greater PMS ecosystem to deliver a more modern and streamlined hotel experience.

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