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Hoteliers are turning to mobile to keep guests coming back.

Mobile Check-In & Check-Out: There’s So Much More On The Way

There has been a great deal written about how more and more people use mobile devices to book both air travel and make hotel reservations. There is little doubt that the proliferation of mobile devices within the travel ecosystem is increasing year over year. A Phocuswright research study in 2016 which focused on the mobile landscape outlined that travelers turn to their smartphones when deciding where to go, choosing travel products, during their trip and for sharing experiences.

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The combination of SaaS and mobile is revolutionizing the hotel industry.

Software As A Service? Better Focus On The Service!

Software as a Service is just that – a service. It is a distribution model whereby a software development company can license and deliver its product to clients via the Internet. Seems fairly simple really. However, there is a great deal of complexity running in the background. The provider of the SaaS product oversees managing these complexities. The delivery and use of a SaaS solution alleviates the burden of having to run machines, interface computers, etc. on the property thus decreasing the costs and the failure rate.

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The New Guest Experience Reality

Smart hoteliers know there are many types of guests and subsets of guests. Their values, preferences, and expectations are not fixed, nor are they universal (Deloitte, 2017). Today’s traveler expects personalized experiences tailored to meet their needs. The question is, how well do you know your guests and their changing expectations?

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The most important question every hotel should ask of their hotel software providers

There are many important questions every hotelier should ask before investing in any new hotel software system. There are questions regarding features, functions, integration, SaaS or license, cloud or on premise, training – and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, one of the big questions that often gets overlooked and doesn’t get researched enough is the question of service and support.

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Building the Perfect Hotel Tech Stack for your Property

In today’s digitally driven economy, finding and implementing new technology is only one part of the challenge—nowadays systems integrations and data sharing are more important than ever. In this webinar, you’ll learn key tips and tools to help you build the perfect hotel tech stack for your property.

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How Open APIs are Transforming the Hotel Industry

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have been gaining relevance among hoteliers to transform their business and develop their digital capabilities for some time, but have they truly been harnessed to their full potential? As the ‘digital glue’ that links applications together, APIs foster collaboration with both internal and external partners and resources, and ultimately optimize operations and guest experiences.

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If you are trying to understand how your hotel can use new technologies to get ahead, then you need the right resources to spell out how these new platforms, devices, and software packages work together, and why each is necessary for you to create a great overall experience for your guests. That means having a combination of articles, podcasts, and other reports that help you see how each new innovation helps to make hospitality management easier, less expensive, and more efficient.

Understanding Security

At StayNTouch, we understand that one of the main concerns you have when adopting new technologies is your security. This is especially important in an industry whose entire focus is on providing guests with a safe, comfortable place to stay while they are away from home. From your building security to your payment information and accounts, you need to know that your new technological tools will not expose you to liability, and some of the resources here are built to help you understand how different tools deal with those security questions.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

There’s more to new hospitality management tools than just security and the guest experience. Cloud-based apps that are accessible from standard mobile devices also provide you with a variety of benefits that directly affect your behind-the-scenes management of your business, including:

  • Infrastructure savings that stem from “software as a service” agreements that decrease up-front costs while taking care of upgrades as they roll out
  • Increased efficiency in both processing and record-keeping, making your bookings easier to confirm, track, and modify
  • Lowered operating costs as a side-effect of increased efficiency, lower labor, and more staff flexibility

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