Product Description

The best self-order and pay app for hotels. A seamless journey for next level guest experience.

Why This Product?

Woby is the first self-order and pay app that connects Stayntouch simultaneously with your existing POS. Finally remove all hassles and pain points from digital menu’s, ordering, payments and logistic processes. For a great guest experience that saves you costs.

Who Uses This?

Hotels with F&B outlet(s)

Key Features

  • Realtime synchronisation Stayntouch and your POS are synchronised in real time. Guests connect to a QR code one time and can order whenever they want, while validated room charge payment happens automatically.
  • Customizable workflow We know hotels. And that every hotel is different. Is your goal to send your guest to your F&B outlets or are you more room service heavy. With our workflow templates you (we) can pick and adjust to fit your needs.
  • Managing integrations Integrating many digital tools can be hard and time consuming. That’s why we build the Woby connector. It sets up integrations in minutes instead of months and we manage all the third party conversation for you.

Supported features

  • Transfer reservation data directly from Stayntouch API into Woby.
  • All changes made in Staynnouch instantly effect the users’ rights for room service payment method room charge (e.g. room change, extended stay, etc.)
  • Automated post to room in Stayntouch PMS and existing POS
  • Woby Web-app (no download) gives instant mobile access to self-order and pay app for room service menu
  • Tailor made and available in different versions
  • Includes open API for 3th parties to integrate the Woby mobile self-ordering in an existing App (e.g. online key, mobile guest directory)
  • Eliminate Payment Friction for next level Guest Experience for free 30-day trial. Unlimited access to all features. No credit card required.

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