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Product Description

Squirrel POS is designed to fit your vision, no matter how unique that may be. Every facet of your business is finely tuned to deliver an amazing guest experience. It’s not just any point of sale, it’s a hospitality and guest management platform that will be at the heart of your operation.

Why This Product?

Enable faster, more attentive guest service Squirrel 11 adds features that simplify and expedite POS processes and enable all staff to work faster and spend more time with guests. 

Who Uses This?

Hotels and large venues 

Key Features

Squirrel 11 is more adaptable to unique scenarios and the individual functional requirements of different restaurant styles.

Increase Service Speed

  • Turn off terminal sound When a quieter environment is desired.
  • Line breaks enabled Optionally break button labels onto two lines to improve legibility or appearance.
  • Open QSA entries Manually enter QSA descriptions to capture and monitor unanticipated issues.
  • More flexibility for combos Ordering multiples of a single item in a combo is a simpler process.
  • Easily refund unused items Useful in banquet and catering settings, unused items like soft drinks are easily refunded and re-added to stock.

More Detailed Reporting

In Squirrel 11, all reports can now be filtered by one or a combination

  • Beverage Control extension Ensures all beverages are charged.
  • Bar Code Check extension Prints bar codes on checks.
  • Auto Scale extension Enables weighing at the POS.

Handles large venues with confidence!

  • Squirrel 11 supports a high-volume configuration that scales across 200+ terminals at multi-outlet multiple properties to maintain performance during large events or peak periods.
  • Multi-instance host (MIH) architecture Enables reliable performance across hundreds of terminals and through large spikes in demand at typical during peak periods or large events.
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