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Automated Cloud Communication By Ameniti

Product Description

The most comprehensive, automated cloud communication​ and A.I. decision-making solutions, made easy for hotels and guests. Ameniti answers texts, phone calls and voice search inquiries on a single platform to provide excellent service, promote sales and reduce costs. The operational side is just as comprehensive, inclu​ding automatic ticketing and rea​l-time analysis, along with automated decision-making that uses data to optimize results. 

Why This Product?

World-class Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning ensure the best understanding and contextual answers. Ameniti is comprehensive and modular, with no technical expertise required to implement the full suite in just one week. 

Who Uses It?

Ameniti targets the hospitality market, with a customer base of small to medium-sized hotels and hospitality groups in the boutique lifestyle and luxury segments 

Key Features/Benefits

Our products offer conversational, automated communication between hotels and guests. With Ameniti, automation answers the majority of inquiries from guests and potential guests, with a seamless transfer to the right staff member only when necessary. We give hotels the tools they need to provide better service while cutting costs. Ameniti’s operations solutions automate and streamline processes, while using everyday data to inform and optimize decision-making. 

  • A single, all-channel communication platform 

  • Instant, consistent all-channel answers 

  • Natural Language Processing for superior understanding 

  • Machine Learning: accuracy and continuous improvement 

  • A.I. Sentiment Analysis 

  • Automation with handover to the right staff when required 

  • Escalation management 

  • IoT Automation 

  • In-room (with physical assistants) 

  • From anywhere (all-channel) -All-channel Geolocalization with optional BLE Beacons for vertical locations

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