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  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance

Product Description

RoomChecking helps hotels pay attention to details, understand guests and service their needs. We make addressing the expectation guests have prior to arriving easy to meet.  Our system will automate, track, and audit the myriad of details so you maintain standards.

Why This Product?

RoomChecking is the best solution from turning a hospitality staff into a well-working team.  Our system is like the glue that keeps everyone together and turns disorganization and miscommunications into an easy, timely, and efficient system.

Who Uses This?

Apartments, Vacation rentals, Airbnb rentals, and hotels.

Key Features

  • Easy Cleaners Scheduling

  • Dynamic Credit Calculations

  • Checklists & Audits

  • 2-Way PMS Integration

  • Guest Reservations & Preferences

  • Preventative Housekeeping Tasks

  • Daily Checklists

  • Turndown service

  • Report Lost and Found items

  • Refusals, Delayed Cleanings, and Pauses

  • Automatic prioritization of rooms to clean
  • Combine ETA, ETD, VIP, extended stay and guest preferences in one place.

  • Include additional housekeepings jobs

  • Automatic Change Sheets cycles

  • See Out of Order / Service Rooms.

  • Automatic change sheets cycles

  • Automatic added tasks based on rules

  • Real-time Update of Tasks upon Triggers

  • Smart Path Routing

  • Auto prioritization of Queue Room
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