September 04 2014

Smart Room Upgrades As Part of Hotel Mobile Check In!

The guest had a great day, her meetings went well, she feels good. She takes a taxi to the hotel where she will be staying tonight. Her hotel of choice as a guest mobile option, she can use to check in, out, order room service, set a wakeup call, connect with other guests and many more things. While relaxing in the back of her taxi, she decides to checkin to the hotel using the app. She hits the “Check In Button”, she had booked a standard room, but the app shows her a great picture of the hotel’s Executive Suite Room, for only $50 a/night more, it’s hers. The room looks great, she had a great day, she deserves that room….. and buys the upgrade. It’s easy, 3 clicks, a signature and she is checked in!

You probably would do the same… would you not? … You feel good, and someone presents you with something that right at that moment add’s to your experience… so you buy it! The statistics proof it, highly targeted and relevant up sell ad’s can provide for a 15% to 20% conversion rate from those presented with the ad (upgrade) ( For hotels with an average of 150 rooms, 60% occupancy, that can ad very easily another $65,000 revenue annually.
Mobile check in app for guests makes upgrading easy

Smart, easy to use and functionally rich hotel mobile check in (or out pages), provide great room upgrade and auxiliary service up sell opportunities. Easy to implement, and a quick RIO!

By Jos Schaap, CEO – Founder at StayNTouch, Inc.