February 19 2014

Ritz-Carlton Tries to Target Next Gen Travelers Without Breaking Tradition

Recently, I wrote about the Modern Traveler’s Choice. Since then, I’ve seen a few interesting articles about similar trends, one of which really caught my eye – an article on Skift about the Ritz-Carlton targeting “Next Generation Travelers”.

 Here are few interesting points:

  • Looking ahead, Lisa Holladay, VP of brand management for Ritz-Carlton asserts that Ritz-Carlton is adapting to modern trends in terms of design and programming, while remaining grounded in Ritz-Carlton culture.
  • After six years of downward pressure on luxury travel bookings, the 2013 Survey of Affluence & Wealth in America stated that the top 10% of Americans planned to increase spending on luxury hotels by 17%.
  • The Ritz-Carlton Company is finding a sweet spot between modern design and traditional luxury for various age groups, but there’s some work to be done on brand communications aligned with today’s connected traveler.

 The Ritz-Carlton’s motto is: “Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”. This world-renowned hospitality brand has already decided to rethink their approach to the modern traveler.

 It’s just a matter of time before everyone follows suit.

 By Ronnie Coleman, Sales Executive at StayNTouch, Inc.