Hotel Data Security: Why Cloud Computing is the Reliable Option

In the early days there was a little bit of fear mongering regarding the security of the cloud and despite its wide scale adoption (more than 90% of enterprises and 52% of all SME use cloud services in the US) cloud computing is still an object of skepticism for some who have mixed feelings about it’s security and reliability.

There are many myths that cloud computing is inherently less secure than traditional approaches. Some believe that this paranoia is due largely to the fact that the approach itself feels insecure i.e. data is stored on servers and systems that the client does not own or control therefore there is a greater risk or possibility of data loss and theft.

However, cloud offers greater security and reliability than an on premise backup, storage and computing system. Here’s how;

Cloud actually strengthens security while at the same time removing the need for maintenance – well on your part anyway. One great advantage of cloud servers versus internal servers is that you do not need to worry about maintenance, backups or security copies. All your data is mirrored, backed-up continuously, and securely and remotely stored instead of in an on-site physical location. Data transfers use the same encrypted protocol that is used by banks – now, that’s pretty darn secure, and data is safe from physical damage due to the cloud provider having redundant and off-site backups. All these measure and guarantees are in place to ensure that nothing is ever lost and any possible network meltdowns or computer crashes won’t be as detrimental.

Moreover, in terms of connectivity, your PMS runs on secure servers that have multiple failover to ensure uninterrupted service.

So, there you have it – cloud is more secure than an on premise backup, storage and computing system; clients receive access to the best data centers, have highly skilled IT professionals looking after you and management don’t have to worry about the data if natural disaster comes or security breach happens. “Legacy systems are more difficult to keep updated because enterprises may have to go around to several hundred thousand platforms to check and update security systems. It’s easier for legacy systems to fall behind.” — David Linthicum, Senior Vice-President, Cloud Technology Partners.

It’s really not surprising that many industries have already chosen to switch to the cloud – when are you moving?

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