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In the latest edition of What’s New in Stayntouch, we sat down with our Product Manager Bernd Barysch to discuss the recent expansion of the multi-property functionality for Stayntouch PMS. While Stayntouch PMS always contained a limited level of multi-property functionality, these latest updates allow hoteliers to manage their brands at the chain level, while allowing for additional insights into loyal guests who visit multiple properties in a single brand. 

Q: Why Did Stayntouch Upgrade its Multi-Property Functionality?

Bernd: We have been witnessing the growth of independent boutique multi-property chains, both in our existing customer base and in the hospitality market more generally. These brands have their own distinct image and version of the ideal guest experience but can have 50 or 100 properties spread across multiple countries and regions. Our multi-property upgrades allow us to provide the same mobile flexibility and accessibility that we deliver to individual properties, now scaled up to the chain level. Now, hoteliers will be better able to seamlessly manage multiple properties across an entire chain or subregion, and more easily interact with guest profiles as a unified brand, rather than as a series of individual properties. 

Q: How does expanding PMS data to the chain-level help to streamline operations and enhance the guest experience?

Bernd: Our PMS can now show stay, rate, and availability data across an entire hotel chain, instead of only individual hotels. This applies universally to profiles for individual guests, travel agents, and companies. Data can also be grouped into any number of highly customizable classifications一including by location, property group, or customizable tags一to allow for easier analysis or template configuration. 

The advantages of this approach are numerous: By allowing hoteliers to easily view guest activity across an entire chain, they are better able to determine a guest’s brand loyalty, as well as any preferences or special requests they may have communicated at another property. Similarly, hoteliers are now more easily able to determine brand revenue from companies or production from various OTAs or distribution channels. 

Q: …And what about the Chain Dashboard?

Bernd: Our PMS previously gave users the option of switching between hotels and accessing the individual dashboards of other properties in their chain. The new Chain Dashboard greatly streamlines this process, by allowing users to view and manage multiple properties from one single, intuitive dashboard 一 without having to manually switch from property to property. At a glance, a user can see a series of tiles with the number of rooms, current occupancy, the previous and next day’s occupancy, and BAR for each hotel in their chain or group. For larger chains, the dashboard offers advanced search filters, so hoteliers can easily keep track of their relevant properties at any given moment.

Q: What further enhancements will we see to multi-property functionality in the coming months?

Bernd: In the coming months, we plan to expand our multi-property capabilities even further, by adding multi-property configuration, reporting, and an availability module. Multi-property configuration will help hotels scale their business by streamlining the process of configuring new properties. Hoteliers will be able to copy room type, rate, and reservation data from an existing or template property and apply it to all properties within a chain, brand, or hotel group. They will also be able to copy existing rates, room types, and records to a new hotel on the go, or force new rates and room types to all properties within the `chain or specific group.

Multi-property reporting will also be added: By leveraging our existing enhancements in multi-property statistics, hoteliers will be able to quickly generate chain- or group-level insights, without having to run dozens of the same reports in different PMS instances. The multi-property availability screen will also be extremely helpful to front desk operators who need to book a guest into another hotel in the event of an overbooking, and for associates in call center booking rooms who need to quickly relay availability and rate information across the entire chain. 

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