6 Questions To Ask When Searching For Hotel Management Software

When searching for hotel management software there are a wide array of options available to you – and finding the right one for your hotel can be time consuming. But if you are looking in the right place and asking the right questions the task can be made easier.

Below are some questions to include on your list for potential hotel property management software vendors to make sure you’re picking the best one:

  1. System Type: Is it cloud-based or an on-premise system? The advent of cloud computing has freed hoteliers to implement solutions that are to some extent future-proofed and have much more to offer than even the best installable PMS. Old generation technology remains locked into the property and focused only on operation whereas cloud-based hotel systems offer much more; they are more reliable, more flexible, more affordable, and have the capability to scale. 
  2. Mobile: Does the PMS offer partial and/or a full mobile solution? People use technology and mobile applications every day. Guests are more and more demanding and have higher service expectations. Not only that but a modern hotelier is a hotelier on the move. You need to be able to access to your PMS anytime anywhere – not just behind a desk, for operational efficiency and to help continue deliver amazing guest service. On many levels, mobile is now essential to the continued success of any hotel and as such you should look for and consider solutions that prioritize communication and mobility. 
  3. Integrations: How easily is does the PMS integrate with third-party systems? One of the greatest challenges with technology can be integration with other systems but as new products are developed, and guests demand more technological flexibility, connecting current and emerging systems to your PMS easily is paramount.  When searching for a PMS solution you need to find one that is capable of integrations with third party software – and integrations that can be done easily and with a minimal amount of friction. 
  4. Training: What training is provided and how much will it cost? How much will it cost to train new employees and ongoing training if necessary? Training end-users is probably one of the most important aspects of a successful roll out in an organization. Without the right training tools and procedures in place, hoteliers not only risk underutilizing their latest investment to its truest potential but risk hurting the guest relationship with poor employee knowledge and communication.
  5. Reputation: What is the reputation of the PMS provider, both product and service? Are there properties similar to yours that currently use the PMS in question? You should ask for references and testimonials from current users of the product and also ask to see working examples of the proposed solution. The vendor should be able to share solid examples of their product and how they work with other customers. 
  6. Future Proof: Will this system work for the long term? With continuous innovations in technology and consumer expectations it is important for hoteliers to embrace new technologies to stay competitive today and into the future. It also important to choose the right property management system for your unique hotel needs and budget. You should look for a partner who shares their same desire and vision for success; a solution that is built to scale as you grow, so costs are always in coordination with the size of your enterprise and a solution that is dynamic and capable of adapting to consumer expectations and business needs.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, these are key questions that should be include on your list when you are searching for a property management solutions provider.

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