Zest Station - A High-Tech Hotel Self-Service Kiosk

Improve Operational Efficiency with a Self-Service Check-In for Guests

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No mere kiosk.

It’s way smarter than that.

Zest Station transforms your guests’ experience by streamlining the check-in, key retrieval and check-out processes by letting guests skip the line and get on with their stay.

Flexible and Integrated hotel check-in system

  • Use only the features you need
  • Integrated with Manual Key Encoders, Payment Terminals and printers as required
  • Collect guest e-mails as needed
  • Branded to your hotel’s standards

They needed a well-priced solution that would be flexible, allowing them to deliver on their promise.

Read Case Study On Modus Hotel

They needed a well-priced solution that would be flexible, allowing them to deliver on their promise.

From a running concierge to refrigerators stocked with Trader Joe’s groceries, Modus Hotels is all about delivering on brand signatures. Their focus is on creating one-of-a-kind experiences with thoroughly personalized service across their 10 hotels (1,400 rooms).

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Check in

Generate “check-in revenue” with Zest Station’s early check-in up-sells and room upgrades. Guests will fly through check-in with just a few taps.

Pick Up Keys

Combine Zest Station with Zest remote check-in to allow guests to use to side-step the front desk lines. Guests simply encode their key manually.

Check Out

Your guests can review their folio and e-mail it to themselves without having to wait for front-desk staff to be free to help them.

Core Components

The typical Zest Station hardware set is composed of a touch-screen device, a credit card reader and a key encoder. Our hotel check-in software integrates with several hardware providers and we can advise you on the best choices for your hotel.

As seen in the wild...

Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Over a 3-month period, the hotel installed one Zest Station kiosk at a time, taking the place of the former staff desks. The success of the first unit led to installations of the next two. Now staff are free to roam and service guests throughout the property.

Tire Station, Amsterdam

Prominent Zest Station installations in front of the elevators at the Tire Station put the guest in control of their stay by allowing self-service check-in and out.

PUBLIC, New York City

Hotel icon and visionary Ian Schrager has eliminated the front desk completely in his newest creation, PUBLIC. All guests check in via the StayNTouch Zest Stations.

Zoku Amsterdam

Zoku built the Core Components into the millwork so that the Zest Station feels totally integrated with the unique lobby environment.

Yotel Paris

Guests are greeted by an impressive array of Zest Station screens upon arrival. The customization reflects and supports the hotel's overall branding.

Zest Station
Check-in Software for Hotel Management
Hotel Check-in Kiosk Software

Automate your check-in system with Zest Station.
This mobile solution gives guests a self-service check-in option - a perfect hotel check-in system

Hotel check-in kiosks can instantly increase efficiency in any property, producing the kind of results you can see on a spreadsheet or with the naked eye. Eliminating front desk lines in favor of sleek guest check-in kiosks running the latest in hotel check-in software will increase guest satisfaction and operating efficiency.

Looking at it that way, the issue becomes not whether or not you should opt for a hotel self service kiosk, but which software provider you should choose.

Zest Station - A High-Tech Hotel Self-Service Kiosk

Our Zest Station operate on an intuitive check-in software that can easily be installed on several types of hardware. This allows you to choose the equipment that best fits the needs and aesthetics of your property. Our hotel check-in system can be expanded as needed to account for your desires and budget, with optional manual key encoders, printers and payment terminals.

Improve Operational Efficiency with a Self-Service Check-In for Your Guests

Check-in software for hotels can radically improve your operational efficiency while providing ever more opportunities for upgrades, upsells, and impulse buys. Add additional revenue sources to your hotel without adding additional labor costs. See how hotel kiosk software can help expedite the check-in process for your guests and your team.

See How A Guest Self-Service Station Cuts Costs, Increases Revenue & Improves Guest Service In Hotels Like Yours.

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