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  • Valet Parking

Product Description

Cloud-based valet software that streamlines parking operations through web, mobile and SMS technology. An easy-to-use, next generation platform for improving efficiency and enhancing customer experience at the valet stand using your own mobile devices.

Why This Product?

Oobeo is a streamlined, subscription based, valet parking software to automate your business and help make the switch to contactless payments.

Who Uses This?

Primarily large hotels and high-end hotels.

Key Features

  • Track employee clock-ins, actions and clock-outs – Create time cards related to locations, including tip declarations and lot fees.
  • Instantly recognize repeat customers – License plates, mobile phone numbers or member ID to identify clients quickly and record time-stamped damage photos to the cloud.
  • All valuable data visible at one glance. Turn on and off fields that are not relevant. – All process lanes feature the search, sort, filter and all relevant vehicle information including parking spot
  • Enhanced reporting & API – Enjoy our standard reports or connect to our secure reporting API. Now you can connect your valet data with your other platforms and systems.
  • Greet hotel guests directly from the hotel PMS or pre-booked reservations
  • Highly Customizable – Edit labels within the interface to suit your existing processes and SOPs

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