Product Description

Duve is revolutionizing guest experience by offering a truly personalized guest experience suite. Duve helps hoteliers create a tailored and digital journey for each and every guest – from online check-in flows that meet the exact needs of each guest, to a web-based guest app with relevant content in the guests’ native language, to personalized upsells that increase revenue potential and satisfaction of each guest. By partnering with more than 150 integration partners, across all major PMS’s, OTA’s, PSP’s, Digital Key providers and 3rd-party vendors, Duve helps transform the way guest experience is provided at thousands of hotels or vacation rentals around the world.

Why This Product?

Duve stands out in the market by redefining the guest experience through its comprehensive suite of personalized solutions. Unlike other options, Duve goes beyond basic offerings to provide a truly tailored and digital journey for every guest. Our platform empowers hoteliers to customize online check-in flows to match each guest’s unique preferences and requirements. Additionally, our web-based guest app delivers relevant content in the guest’s native language, enhancing communication and engagement.

One of our key strengths lies in personalized upsells, which not only boost revenue potential but also elevate guest satisfaction by offering products and services that align precisely with their interests and needs. Furthermore, Duve’s extensive network of over 150 integration partners, spanning major PMS’s, OTA’s, PSP’s, Digital Key providers, and third-party vendors, ensures seamless connectivity and accessibility for hotels and vacation rentals worldwide.

With Duve, hospitality providers can transform their approach to guest experience, setting new standards of excellence across the industry.

Who Uses This?

Duve serves all types of hoteliers ranging from independent boutique hotels to major hotel chains with properties crossing over several continents, vacation rentals companies, motels, hostels and more.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Guest App – Duve’s white-labelled, no-download app allows guests to interact with your hotel in their native language, communicate with your staff and get to know your brand better.
  • Guest Communication Chat – Via email, chat, SMS, or Whatsapp – and send out automated replies, broadcast messages, and tailored offers. Tag other teammates in chats to streamline internal assignments.
  • Online Check-in – Say goodbye to long lines at reception by allowing your guests to complete check-in before their arrival – leaving your staff time to give each guest a truly personal experience.
  • Personalized Upselling – Maximize each guest’s revenue potential with fully customizable upsells – from breakfast in bed and spa packages to bike tours or show tickets.
  • Mobile Keys – Integrate your digital keys to Duve, easily control operations in a unified hub, and allow guests to access their rooms from a guest app.
  • Guest profiling – Collect relevant information about your guests to build a personal user profile which will allow you to deliver a better guest experience.

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