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Alcatel 4200

  • Call Accounting

Key Product Features/Benefits

  • Full compatibility with the national telecommunication system which is equipped with central digital public ALCATEL E10.
  • Comfort and ease of use by REFLEX digital phone use.
  • Long-term investment protection is provided by the high reliability of the system, the novelty of design and ease of expansion at minimal cost, modular system is designed
  • Increased productivity is achieved with plant facilities
  • Eliminate all possible communications failed, no appeal remains unanswered
  • Provides confidential conversations using coded digital communication
  • Provides data through standardized protocols

  • Reduces operating costs by metering and recording system to calls
  • System local or remote management, easy to use (PC Windows)
  • Ensures that integration of DECT digital subscribers
  • Works without interruption and temporary lack of power supply (uninterruptible)
  • You can use any analog phone, disc without disc (BC), keyboard, etc.
  • Safety in operation certified for admission to ISO standards, IEEE, ETSI and IEC
  • Providing services for voice mail (voice mail)
  • Flexibility, equipment adapts to any organization of a company

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