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Product Description


Call@Vantage, is a Call Accounting software package for the Lodging Industry. Hitachi Telecom’s Call@Vantage works with Hitachi’s PBX and with other PBX brands. The software provides the pricing and reporting capabilities of telephone traffic, which is tailored for the hotel industry.

HCX 5100 / 5200/ 5300/3400/5500

Telephone system 一 “Telephone Activation (PBX) Shuts the telephone off or turns it on based on guest’s guarantee method and in-house status. Also displays the guest’s room number and name on the console when guest calls the front desk.”

Why This Product?


Call@Vantage software provides a multitude of standard reports that include call details on stations, profit generated by the call, posted calls, and other pertinent information. If a hotel has a need to track a marketing promotion, they can use the incoming calls report. Call@Vantage also allows users to export data into their favorite software package for the generation of any customized report.

One of the unique features of the software is the report scheduler. It allows reports to be automatically scheduled to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In addition, reports can be e-mailed internally or to the corporate office.

Who Uses This?

Hoteliers who work at a campus and/or complex environment

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